Saturday, April 29, 2006

No Rest For The Wicked

What did I do?

I’m tired and out of it, haven’t had my dose of internet anti stress for a week! A whole week!!!!!!!!!!! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhrgh!!!

The moving went well enough. Aside from the scare of having lost my whole cd/dvd collection, by my own stupid fault. But I found it in the big downstairs family room wich is totally filled with our boxed junk. My uncle who helped us move couldn’t find his jacket either. That made me feel so bad because he worked so hard to help us and his cell phone and truck keys are in it and he absolutely need them to work. The next day, after the kids were in bed I managed to find it for him.

I feel blog rusty, it’s been so long and with only 5h of dial up access a month until the high speed internet guy shows up to hook us up. Which, we have no idea when that will be, being as we live in the sticks now. so much probably went by since I last posted but I can’t remember much, it’s all foggy and like alphabet soup.

Owen seem to like his new home, he actually unpacked his clothes himself and stuffed it all in the bottom drawer during a nap time. Then around supper time since he didn’t sleep, he was so out of control, I sent him to his room to calm down and he passed out in his drawer overstuffed with all his clothes. Looks comphy in a weird kind of way. He has a bed all his own but I’ve been finding him asleep everywhere but his bed lately. Yesterday, he fell asleep on the floor after pretending to vacume his room with the dirt buster’s attachment till he passed out. Before we moved, 12 days before the move to be precise, he started developing a passion for pealing his wall border. One evening I found him passed out on the night table after a pealing frenzy. I can guaranty you that he will not have a border in his new room, nor will there be any in the rest of the house either.

The house is much roomier and Owen also like to walk/run in his own way back and forth for long amount of time. I also love the spacious play room beside the dinning room. Allows me to finish my meal and watch them play. It’s nice that Vivian don’t need to wait till I’m done eating to go in her jolly jumper, after 4-5 days without it, she was absolutely jumping of joy for over 30 minutes.

There are also all kind of things we’re finding out about the house that will require prompt action. Like the fact our water thank work poorly and need to be replaced, but nb power wont do it until we replace the wiring and breaker for something heavier grade. So only one of us can take a bath a day and remain with cold water for the rest of the day. Wonder how the previous peoples did manage in this house without taking care of all that stuff. Like the water softener is totally grimy, doubt water ran through it for quite some time. I think we might have to buy an other one. And it would be nice to get it before the new water thank cause our water is quite hard. I boiled some water today and when it start cooling off, the hardness fall to the bottom like a blanket of white dust. Mostly lime. I think our water is rich in calcium, will make for strong bones hehe. But it is hard on the water thank, the washer and the dish washer, so it would be a good investment to get that water softener soon I guess.

The house was lit with a gizzilion 100 watt bulbs. Every sockets, whether it rated it or not was fitted with 100 watt bulb. That’s a lot of energy when you consider how many light fixtures there is in that house. How do you feel about being greeted by 500 watts when you walk in? 400 watts in the kitchen, probably like 1200 watts in the family room downstairs. So we’re downgrading most with 60 watts or less and put a few more dimmers.

This room is cold, there’s a heater but I can’t find the thermostat. Trying to save on electric bill till we can look after the furnace and get a bit of wood, but the warmer days should be here soon too. Until then, the sunroom warm up the kitchen/dining room nicely after 10 am.

I guess the biggest concern right now is having our old place sold. All I can do is look after the kids day after day. While DH is either at work or working on the few last reno and things to do on the house that has now a sale sign on the front lawn. And I usually had my mom’s help in the afternoon to let me have a nap and things were under control. Now she too is at the old house doing some work and here I am with no relief for me, no one to help with the kids so I can get things out of boxes and get organized to be somewhat functional.

I managed to clean a few floors but not as much as I want. The bathroom, kitchen and play room, because with a baby crawling around, I need at least a few clean surfaces. I want more but they hardly allowed me to clean the few I did. They are taking so much out of me right now. I don’t remember being able to do so little at the other place.

Vivian usually played quite a bit on her own, now almost always want to be held and make a big fuss about it, and Owen is in everything and anything, I constantly have to ask him to leave doors closed or open, he’s constantly playing with the fridge doors or digging for an apple, eat a bit leave it somewhere and then eventually goes back for a new one. He’s hard to keep out of the boxes also. And if it’s not having his nose stuffed in everything, he’s harassing his little sister or pealing the flooring in the sunroom. Yep, he found something else to peel.

And he drive me nuts, totally bunker, don’t get me wrong, I love my son very much. He just don’t seem to want to listen to anything I say at all since we’re moved. I guess I can’t really blame a soon to be 3 year old in a new universe to explore. I should be aware that the routine is going to take a set back for a while but with no help for me to cope, I get overwhelmed at time. I suppose that for 12 days, DH was at home giving him some extra one on one attention. It’s so hard for me to get anything done, I mean, is it normal that after a week of being moved, my dresser is still totally empty? Yes, empty, I’m not sure in what bag all my clothes are yet and I haven’t had the time to go digging. And the closet is the same way, well aside from a few too nice things to put in garbage bags, like my wedding dress a few gowns and stuff like that. At time I have doubts if moving was a good idea. But I’m pretty sure it’s just because I’m overwhelmed and once the house is sold and things return to normal I will feel a sense of normalcy return.

I probably have more to say but it’s getting late. Now that I have internet access, I will try to post more soon.

Until then, it’s all alphabet soup

Chantal, in need of vacation

Oh yeah, about that tag thing, I’m not sure what to say, will think about it and see if I can come up with something later, 6 things no one knows about me? Meh!

Saturday, April 01, 2006

where the street have no name

That's where i'm going in about 3 weeks, to live on a street that is only identified by a number, not a name. I guess that's what you get in a town of less then 1 000 peoples. hmmm i think i'm gaining some apreciation for that song.
"I often feel very claustrophobic in a city, a feeling of wanting to break out
of that city and a feeling of wanting to go somewhere where the values of the
city and the values of our society don’t hold you down." ~ Bono, U2

yes, our offer finaly was accepted and we're only waiting for a water test and time to get all the paperwork done and over with. DH recieved the ok for his vacation request, so he'll have more time to help get ready for the big move.

Chantal, cityfobic or at least wanting to break free