Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Celebrating or just burnt

My Dear hubby opened a bottle of our blackberry wine to celebrate the sale of the house. more like, because i'm so burnt with our dear daughter not letting me sleep and demanding so much attention lately that i need something to help me relax. it's a wine that was made quite a while back, as i recall, we picked those berries before i even got pregnant with Owen. i just never had the chance of tasting it before. plenty of other peoples have and said they liked it. i'm wondering if they're just trying to be nice, that stuff don't taste much like blackberries and much more like rocket fuel. wouhaaahhhh!!!

so i can now truely say, the house is sold! we can now start planing our renovations. hopefully, we'll have enough to change some windows after the roof is done. also have to put a garage door on the garage and redo the bathroom with the shower, fill up our driveway... and the list could go on and on. oh yeah, and take care of those ants too. did i mention, i love my house? yeah i guess i do, even tho it need so much tlc. i just hope it doesnt' break us. I believe good neybors also count for something. they make me want to belong to this comunity, not just live here. also at church on sunday, our dear son likes to walk around and i noticed a fair bit of peoples looking at him with big smiles. i suppose, as Andy made the comment that it look mostly like a senior comunity, seeing young ones is something they might not see often enough to their liking.

well, time for a last gulp and hit the pillow
nity nite

Monday, June 26, 2006

Not dead yet, just procrastinating

as it's been 1 month already since my last post, i tried to blurt something out last night but my browser crashed and i lost my text so procrastination won again.

i feel like not much worth mentionning has happened lately. Vivian turned 1 year old, we got her a few gifts but Owen plays more with them then she does.

She doesn't walk yet, she mastered the art of scooting on hands and knees by now and she graduated from holding 2 hands to walk to holding only 1 hand. i'm hoping the hand free deal will come soon.

we have a leaky roof, hopefully will find sufficient help soon to get the roof redone asap. and yes we still have ants. we've been making a more persistent effort at keeping the floor crumbless, don't always succede but it's getting better.

i went in town today to signe some legal papers for the sale of the house and hand the keys over. i think our lawyer is funny. he calculated the split of money up and as much as i'd like the extra money, couldn't believe it to be true. he then added up the figures and it didn't work but he assured us he would end up making it work. i guess it did, he's the one with the calculator and the big salary hehe. so 2 more days and we'll have the funds to start renovating, yay!!! although at time i'm wondering if we'll need to borrow more to take care of the most important repairs.

so far, we have met a family that live 1 km up the street a few times. very nice talking to them, they have a 5 year old boy who seem to get along quite good with our 3 year old. i wish we had more time to visit them. and finaly one day, i had to chasse Owen, who had decided to cross the street and gave me an occasion to say hi to our front neybours. it took sometimes to have first contact with them but now that it's done, we've had more occasions to chat and experience their eagerness to help.

I feel very blessed to have neybors like them. so far, he has cut down the front ceaders that were against the house that i had started cutting branches the hard way. he lent us his ride on mower so we could get the whole lawn cut in one day as oposed to part of it in a week or more. and helped Andy get the big bay window out of the van and stored by the garage. full of usefull advice and info, i am very gratefull for having good neibors like them. i feel less anonimous and a sense of belonging to the comunity building up. hopefully we'll be able to return the favor and contribute to the livelyness of the area.

i guess i better go to sleep now, as i'm dead tired and often feel brainless. nighty nite all and hopefully that procrastinating mood will fade away soon

Chantalllllllllllllllll :| euh! not sure what happened