Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Owen VS Optometrist

it's been a struggle for over a year now. it's to make us wonder how we got him to look in the machine the first time.

this time around they got a new machine, with a more interresting picture then a plain boring white star

he got interrested in seeing the image of the farm, but when he got to the machine, again he froze. didn't want to get near it. so i thought, if he sees his little sister look into it, he'll get more curious about it and what to know what he's missing out on.

just as i thought, it worked, even though he wouldn't trust the machine completely and wouldn't get his chin on the chin rest. it's progress and we're working on it.

that was actualy last week, we went again this morning, before his speech therapist's apointment and he did put his chin down, but not very long at a time. the technician felt she could have oportunities to take the mesurements, but each time she adjust the machine to do so, the moving parts and little noise make him suspect something and he moves away. so we plan on going again once more before his actual apointment. hope it works well. or i might have to resort to gravols.

Chantal, eye eye

A Thousand Thankyou to Nancy

Yes, Nancy, you have my profound Gratitude. the tidbit of information you shared with me last night saved us around $1000 and probably more. but i'll explain how for anyone else who might be reading this...

last night, my Dear Nancy, told me about a 50% sale on all that you can carry yourself out of the "Sleep Works" bed store she passes by every day on her way to work. i though it was gread and well timed as i wanted to get a exposed wool topper for Vivian's new toddler bed mattress i got her yesterday. and i wanted to get it from that very same place. so i went today after we were finished with Owen's apointments.

i was planning on making it a short trip. for one thing, because, let's face it. you can't just carry out a set of mattress under your arm right? turned out, as she was finishing a sale. i learned that all mattress on stock were half price too!!!! and as it happened, she had the one i was planning to buy for the past 6 months or more on the floor. after some consideration tho, i wanted something a bit softer. and it just happened she had one she needed to return, but just because it was sent to the store the wrong size. only $200 more and suited me better. only thing is, how do i carry it out?

so i went back home 4o minutes drive to drop Owen off and pick up hubby. got my mom to look after the kids, we got all passenger seats out and now my new bed is made in my bedroom. i'm so excited and looking forward to a good night sleep.

i was so overdue for a new bed. i've been sleeping on a futon mattress of poor quality for the past 10 years and for half of it, it's been like sleeping in a nest. could also explain why i've been needing to go to the chiro every 2 weeks for so long and i couldn't see a time in the near future when it would change. so it bring new hope of wellbeing.

to make it even more interresting. while i was there, there's a lady that the bed store owner knew that walk in and we started to talk ozone generator, other air purifiers and various health info. she found it so stange, saying she don't believe in coincidences and felt like an urge that she had to come to the store. i also admitted that i hadn't plan on buying a bed today and had not everything dragged on today the way it did, i would't be there at that time. it was quite strange too how she said that everything happens for a reason and that's something i've been saying a lot too since i've had my paradigme shift with my faith. i'm not too sure where it will lead, but there must be a reason for it. we've exchanged contact infor and let God's plan unfold from there.

there is, i believe, something happening in my life, of spiritual nature. i can't really put my finger on it yet, but there are things happening, strange "coincidence" as one might say, but i don't believe in coincidence either. so i'm not too sure what to call them. a health nut with religious belief... like me? that would be very interresting hehe.

other incidence that i've noticed lately... it might sound wierd, but yesterday, as i was waiting to be registerd for my apointment at the hospital, just as i sat in the waiting room, there's 2 ladies that started talking about a common aquaintance that lived in my town, i live in a very small town. then someone going to the registering counter mentionned my mother's town of origine, that is a bit further up north, on the same road that lead here. and not long after... there's a lady that was sitting right next to me and she started humming Amazing Grace. don't think i need to read much into it. i think it's just a way for God to let me know he's there, in a subtle way.

there are other incidence i could think of, they seem to run in clusters of 3 situation of similar subject. I don't know if God mind me saying it all for anyone to read. so i guess i'll leave it at that for now and i'll only say this: God, I love you and thank you very much. You make me want to sing, Glory to You in the highest, Holy is your Name...

I also want to thank my husband for being who he is, thank you for the kindness and loving support. there might be days where i feel bummed out, but i remain greatful. my life is blessed and it is a joy that carries me in good times as in bad.

Chantal, once again, Thank you Nancy!!!

[edited] ... i forgot to mention that i was the last one to get the 50% [/edit]

Friday, February 09, 2007

Only a few sticks left

that's what it all came down to again at the biginning of the week, after dear hubby went to get a few minivan loads of wood from his parents last week. yep, it burns fast around this time and since we had no clue how much wood to buy in the fall, we fell short. the wood we had in the fall was not all that dry either so it was hard to light and burn and it took a lot of it to generate some heat.

so i had to find someone who still had some wood for sale and quick. called one around town and his equipment is away for the winter. the other number had no answer. found one in the paper but felt bad about calling someone outside of town especialy since one lady who live up the road said her brother still had some wood, all cut and dry. the only problem is, although she walks her dogs every day past our house, i dont' have her phone number, don't know her last name... but things worked well after all because she was walking by just before i made the decision to dial the other guys. so i ran to the door in a rush to call her. she was able to connect me with her bro and now we have wood for the rest of the winter, i hope.

Andy brought in a few wheelbarow's load in the house before to go to work and we threw a few sticks in the furnace. as i was getting the kids ready for bed, there was this overheating smell, like when you turn on a baseboard heater for the first time of the season. i looked at the thermostat for the entrace heater and it was on, so i thought it could've been that. bur after Vivian was in bed, i went down to put more wood as, small sticks burn faster... that's mainly what we received this time, not much i'd consider overnight logs. and to my surprise, the furnace's temperature was way over the top. never seen it that high and the draft was still open. so i ran upstairs to turn the termostat down so it would shut it. made sure the heat ducts were open so the heat could escape, even went outside to sheck if there were flames comming out the cheminy.

i was glad when the furnace started to cool down some. those might be small sticks but they burn HOT!!! look like we're not going to need as much wood to maintain same heat comfort.

on an other note, i heard some news that warmed my soul this week. Father Melvin Doucette is comming near by again. i had missed his last visit to the Trapist monastery. Andy's even taking some time off so we can go this time. i wish it would have landed on his days off, but i'm very greatful for his willingness to use his vacation time for that purpose. His only hope is that we can get our wood for the next winter delivered for his vacation so he can cut wood the rest of the time. althought i think he's interrested to see if work would allow him to only take his day shifts off, that's all we need really for the trip. we'll see :)

Chantal, "it's warm, warm, warm" ~ quote from Owen

Monday, February 05, 2007

Atchoooo Sneeezaroooo

so for some of the year to this date, we've been sick. yep, when not one, it's an other, but the bug hasn't left us a break in over a month. what a nice year so far. i'm trying to boost my immune system every way i can think of to no avail. i'm getting a good tast of the flue again.

needless to say, i'm sick and tired of being sick and tired... and i started to think about what else could make a difference. yesterday, my inlaws came to visit and my mother in law mentionned about the ionizer she got in her bedroom for the past year and how she hasn't had an year infection since. and i remember she used to have them a fair bit.

so it got us tinking about getting something too. we first considered the Germ Guardian. but would it really suit us? then what about the one my mom in law has? a bit more expensive but it works for her? and finaly we decided to make the big step, the one we've been considering for a few years now, and it would not only take care of the germs, it could take care of the pesky summer bugs too. like ants and spiders...

so andy made the call today to order the Ozonator and it was being shipped today. hopping for friday, *hope* *hope* *hope* i guess what make me anxious is ordering long distance and not knowing how it will be handled at the border. this machine is made powerfull enough for professional use. so if anyone want their house freshended up, let me know.

i also recently heard about the benefits of coconut oil, and curious about what it could do for me but am not ready to buy a small jar for $19 so my husband told me he'd get coconuts and i can pass them trough my juicer... i was skeptick at first but i tried one and it work well enough for me. it even kept me full all morning. so today in my errands, i stumbled across a display of nice big coconuts full of splish splashy milk. they were even a bit cheaper then the one my dear hubby bought. so i picked up half a dozen. what? one a day! :) i'll share, i promiss. i think owen's getting a tast for it.

Chantal, sick, nut and all bugged out.