Thursday, July 27, 2006

Empty Septic

Today was an other of those days when andy get home from work in the morning to sleep a few hours before to start his weekend. and i was sitting at the table feeding vivian some food when i saw the septic tank cleaning truck drive in his driveway. and i thought, hey, now's my chance to find out where the tank is and get it cleaned. good thing the guy just invested in a new way to locate ceptic by flushing a "pill" that can be sensered with one of those bleeping wand. so after flushing it, he spent some time searching for it with no sign of it what so ever. he then thought about the original owner of the house and that he knew him and could get in touch with him and so he did and got good direction to where it was... good thing he did cause we'd be still looking for it. it was nowhere near where it usualy is(the back of the house about 11 feet from the place where the toillette pipe goes in the ground) instead, it was at the other end of the house near the front and 32 feet away. and for a bonus, since our dear neybors are getting their septic tank changed, the excavators were on location and were able to dig down to the opening of it. and it was due. nevermind that the sale lady last year told me it was done that year. it's a big 1000 gallong tank and it was full. so very glad i made that move today.

and Andy went to buy a propane tank to try the BBQ that was sitting in the garrage when we bought it... and woooohoooo we have a BBQ that work!!!! yum yumines to yummy yum yum it was goood. after that once the kid were in bed we burned some of the tree brances from the trees that we've cut a little while back and after we ran out of branches we sat to a nice campfire with a bottle of wine. it was a verry nice evening to end a very nice day.

tomorrow is more of a day of running around and it's getting verry late : so hopefully will sleep like a logg, not a burning one, just a log

Chantal blogg a log and a bug bite

Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Last night, or was it the night before? me and my friend Nancy played some escape online game. it was a long one and i'd post the link but i don't have it right at the moment. so i'm back on the escaping addiction and i did one tonight alone because my dear friend is not online *wah*

it's incredibly hot these past days and it will be hot sleeping in the rooms upstairs. i'd much rather sleep downstairs but with young kids sleeping upstairs, it dictate where i'm sleeping. or toss and turn in a bath of sweat. we got few windows that opens and even less that have screens and if you know anything about the contry, opening a window without screen is an invitation to be eaten alive. there was a screen that did not sit right last night and left some gap for uninvited guest that were swirming over my head last night and i couldn't figure out why because i thought the wholes were all taken care of. so i had to apply more tape to secure the fort.

i guess i'll go back to find an other room to escape from

hmmm, maybe i should try to do a bit more updates, it has been a long time since my last post. it's been incrediblly buzy but yet it feel like it's been the same old stuff day after day. looking after the kids, trying to cook interresting meals for each meals everyday without having the kitchen go totaly out of control. haha, i'm so funny, i'm the kitchen terror muahahaha!!! only to be outdone by my daughter :p after one meal she was so dirty i abandonned the idea of wiping her mouth and hands with a facecloth in favor of a dunk in the tub, it was THAT bad.

we finaly asked a contractor to do our roof. it will be some 3 weeks before he can start though so i hope it don't rain too hard but some rain would be very nice to cool off this heat wave. i just hope dual gray will look good because we have to live with it for 3o years. I kind of would like to call the contractor back to ask him about harvard slate gray, but we already had called him twice today. i dont want to sound too much like we don't know what we want.

it's a very long week with Andy picking up 2 extra shift of overtime. will only leave him one day and a half of weekend before to go back to work this weekend. and next week, my mom is moving 4 km away from here. i find it somewath interresting since this is the exact distance she lived from us in Dieppe. although she'll be able to be here 30 km/h faster hehe

we had our service road cleared from growing shrubberies by one of our helpfull neybor. the next day my mom, the kids and I went for a treck down the trail all the way to the river and back. it's a long walk with a stroller. especialy when it's that roughed. the weather was nice, a little too much. my shoulders are still red. i'm lucky that's the only sunburn i aquired. and it apear that i'm the only one who burned. the kids slept well that night... and the night after hehe

the past 2 night on my routine visit to my son to bring him fresh water before i go to bed myself, i am greeted with the very characteristic olfactive expression of a poopy diaper. on a postive note, he's very calm while i change him and pose no resistance to returning to sleep. so i guess i should anticipate and get ready to go change a diaper very soon. i guess escaping an other room will have to wait for an other day, so Nancy pic one and get ready for tomorrow night :)

Chantal, escapist not so spectacular