Saturday, October 27, 2007

Pancakes in a can?

my hubby got into the habit of making pancakes every week on his swingshift. and since 75% of the family is gluten free, he has taken to make them with buckwheat. they taste a bit more gritty and nutty, but overall, still very palatable, not like the time i tried to make buckwheat soba... that was terrible. the kids didn't seem to mind but i did. now i would be totally rolling my eyes at this idea of pancakes in a can, as one more over processed, chemical cocktail of die and preservatives... but it's organic! my jaw nearly dropped.

of course, it's still a product i wouldn't go for, because a. there's soy, and i think of it being healthy is a big deception and b. there is wheat and wheat has gluten :( but if they believed in health enough to care to select organic ingredients, and if it become popular enough, maybe they'll come up with other healthy varieties.

i so miss pizzaaaaaaaaa! dairy is an other big no no here. even more so then gluten. *sigh*

Friday, October 26, 2007

Hey Little Lulu

do you remember the little Lulu? she had her own TV show when i was a kid, but apparently she's much older then that

Little Lulu first appeared in the Saturday Evening Post on February 23, 1935 in a single panel comic strip, appearing in her debut as a flower girl at a wedding, strewing the aisle with banana peels. ~ Wikipedia

so she was already stirring controversy back then.

Friday, October 19, 2007

I’ve been tagged by Nancy!
Here are the rules:Once tagged, you must link to the person who tagged you. Then post the rules before your list, and list 8 random things about yourself. At the end of the post, you must tag and link to 8 other people, visit their sites, and leave a comment letting them know they’ve been tagged.
Wow 8 people? you gotta be kidding me Nancy, i don't even know that many bloggers at all, i'm not even sure what random stuff would be worth blogging about me here. anyway, here are 8 random things about me :

1. i don't like my toes toutching each other.
2. i will probably stare at the monitor for the next 20 minutes trying to think of something else to write. sometime it takes me very long to write a short e-mail or what ever else.
3. as a child i used to have dreams where i'm flying in the sky, seems that i lost that ability and i miss it.
4. i have a terribly hard time remembering people's name
5. my first pet was an iguana i named Akea
6. I can't play first person shooter games, i can't coordinate in it, i have this tendency to get stuck in walls. i tried to play unreal tournament once, for 20 minutes and had to lay down for 2 hours because i was too motionsick.
7. *random blank*
8. i used to enjoy watching little Lulu as a kid, and jumped on the dvds when i saw them in a discount bin, after watching a few episodes back, i changed my mind about her and the show... it's violent and sexist : i didn't remember her being that way, do you?

sorry i dont' have 8 peoples to tag back, but you're welcome to take it at random and leave a note in the comments to say you did :D

Monday, September 24, 2007

The New Cat in the House

Already 4 days since Misty arrived from the SPCA and we're very happy to have her. our first impression had made her our first choice and it look like we did good in listening to our gut feeling. she is gentle, playful, calm, affectionate. i still think she's not overdominating so that Daphne will not fell she's gonna loser her title of first cat of the house. and her play style is the one i think will lead to a good mouser. that was a lot of trait we had in mind considering the whole family and our needs and the new cat's wellbeing as a new member of our family.

i'm still amazed how we could find all of it in one single cat. Now we have to be patient and hope Daphne will adjust. for normal cats, it can take up to 2 weeks before they can interact together in a civil manner. let's hope Daphne is normal hehe

i'm some glad i found these video tips for cats.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Mice inc.

this morning, i found evidence that our family cat found the mouse she lost the night before. we had quite a few guests entertaining our kitty cat last year and from what i hear, there is a lot more mice populating the fields this year. in a store where they used to sell 7 traps a year, they now find them leaving the shelves 7 a week. if that's any indication... Daphne will have plenty to share in the fun.

so we're waiting to be aproved for adoption. that could take up to 48 hours. and then hope the cat we felt would have the best personality for our family will still be there.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Bread Machine is History

a while back, i don't remember if i blogged about this, but i got myself a bread machine that had a gluten free cycle. since that's what we need to eat and we save over $1 a loaf if i make it myself (it tastes better too).

for many weeks it did make good breads and i got in a groove of mesuring several loafs at once so on lazy days, i only need to dump a bag and the wet ingredients together and it goes fast. the machine does most of the job and i only need to make 2 quick check up on it.

the last 3 loafs turned out differently, they were not as dark... the last one, i even felt it needed to have an extra 10 minutes added at the end and still i think it wasn't quite well baked. so my guess is that the convection fan gave up

so i dug for my receit, get my info together to figure out what course of action i would take. and it just happened that there was about 7 days left to the store's exchange/refund policy... i figured i'd exchange it for a new one... would be quicker then sending it to the repair shop. but there was none in stock. they gave me my money back. and that's not that bad either, because if i decide to get an other one... i'll have a new warranty to go with it. i can't complain with that hehe

the only thing is now, i got to get used to do it the old fashion way... in the oven. we'll see what catastrophe i mannage to wip up this time hehe

then again, if it turns out well enough, i might just save the counter space and forget about the machine. get a few bigger bread pans and use the rest of the money for something else

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Urge to Paint

so now that the kids both have their own room, and Owen's room has been on the primer eversince we moved in. i feel the urge to paint it before it get too cold to be able to ventilate apropriately while getting messy. there's also the entrance that is on the primer and should be painted soon because i dont think it could endure an other wash. even though it would be very nice to be able to paint the whole house, it's really not in the budget. and there's some room that will need some renovation done before going near the paint bucket.

so i'm trying to find ideas to paint the room in a creative way, not just one solid color. i had a picture in my mind of a girl's bedroom decore idea i saw a while back, it was pink and green. then i saw these things last night...

and also this sweet artic flower garden toutch you can find here

now, i'm not gonna spend hours trying to find what i have in mind for Owen's because it apear to be even more difficult to find boy's bedroom decore images. but i had a few ideas:

- the beach/sea, nice blue sky, some clouds, a plain, birds...

- a night sky with the planets, a rocket, the moon...

- or, 2 tone blue with this kind of effect. maybe some fireflies and wild life/nature accents.

i like the glow in the dark stars idea so much, i'd put it in every bedrooms, cause i'm sure Vivian would like it too and so would I *grin*

i just have to figure out how to make the night sky as acurate as possible with all the constelation and what not.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Easy going can only go so far

i'me a big fan of co-sleeping, and i enjoyed it very much. in fact, i would still enjoy it if it wasn't for the fact i had to draw the line last night. this time i'll call it a safety issue.

I don't have to worry about her falling off the bed, she does fine in her bed or mine. she's mostly gentle and non intrusive sleeping buddy. but what happen before she goes to sleep, while i'm out of the room is a different ball of wax. and she knows when she's sticking her nose where it doesn't belong. because last night after hearing a lot of uncommon noise, hubby decided to go take a look and as he opened the bedroom door, she was rushing to her bed.

couldn't find anyting incriminating at the moment, just layed in bed while she fell asleep in hers. then came back down. when came time for me to go to bed. i didn't notice anything while stumbling in the dark to get under the covers. some times later. it was getting a bit brighter. i guess it was around 5-6 am, hubby was getting ready for work, and i came to realise that something was stuck on my tigh... a termometer case? what? hmmm, it should be in the baby care hard case in my drawer... with a safety lock. and the thermometer was, beside the bed on the floor. *sigh*

then i found the bottle of Holy Water... finaly empty! again, was stored in a drawer with a safety lock on. and she had gotten her hands on it once before. that's why i say... finaly empty. i was taking my temperature, as i always do in the morning when i picked the Holy Water bottle and showed it to her... she turned around and started crying, even though i had not spoken a word.

and also found a tube of tootpast completely flat in the same drawer as the baby care kit... not suposed to be there? hmmm, did you eat this? a muffled yeah, came out of her. not sure if she really did, how much there would've been originaly in it when she found it(we did not notice any unusual symptoms from her)... but i was not a happy camper. maybe it was a snack form the night she had that smelly poop durring the night(usualy she doesn't poop at night) but i wrote it off as too many goji berries, cause there was a lot of seeds in her poop... to many unsafe behaviors in one session. no child proof devices are safe with her... the ensuite bathroom door in our room has a safety door nob, that she can open, and then she can climb to reach what ever she feel like. although we don't keep much that could seriously harm her in there... facecloth, Q-tips, electric razor, comb, hair elastics...

we had started thinking about getting her into her own room for a bit, but figured, we should get a closet organizer first, and with the chelation therapy comming soon, for probably 6 months, it's no time to risk getting pregnant, so co-sleeping with 2 years old daugher was not a rush to terminate really, until last night. i'm kinda sad, because i really enjoyed co-sleeping with her... I love my son dearly but when it comes to co-sleeping, it was only good when he was fast asleep, cause when he'd wake up before me, especialy after he mannaged to sit on his own, i would often have him bash his head straight on my nose as a wake up call. very fidgetty and rough. still to this day, it's nearly impossible to cuddle with him without getting hurt, unless in the lazyboy, that minimized the hurts. no refinement in cuddliness what so ever.

now, this is only first night, and it seems to go well so far, but i'm not making myself any illusion. i'm expecting some resistance at one point or an other. hopefully, we'll be able to address it in a way that makes everybody happy.

now it's my turn to go to bed and see how i'll adjust to the new arrangement. it's been over 4 years of co-sleeping with the kids, now back with hubby. hopefully, we'll last at last a year hehe

Friday, August 24, 2007

Lead Head

Owen and I went for some test to find out about heavy metal toxicity. and the results are in. i was expecting mercury, but lead came instead. it explain a lot of stuff and the good news is, there's chelation therapy to help get rid of a good portion of it. i will try keep up on the blog the progress of our wellbeing through the next 6-9 months.

since my msn buddy is gone to NY for the weekend. i think i'll just go find something to do now.

by the way, I want to thank you Nancy for your weight lost tip... no carb in the evening might be what i needed... on top of my walk.

i'm off to go make some facecloth and cotton pads. look like i'm seriously getting allergic to disposable ones (TMI)

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

First time at the beach

2 days ago, when i woke up, it was so nice out that i decided I should no longer delay and bring my kids to the beach for the first time in their life... after all, we live in the maritimes, it's almost not normal for them to have never seen the beach.

They loved it! so much so that, back at home, while eating lunch, Owen was asking to go back. and i know he's not going to give up. he still talk about the broken moose. oh yeah, i just realised that i didn't say anything about that here yet. since Facebook happened to me, i got even more lazy.

ok, so here's the story... my dear husband hit a moose on his way back home from work over a week ago. he called me to tell me so i knew it couldn't be too bad. that kind of encounter can be fatal. and he wasn't hurt but just mannaged to bring the van home but that's about it because it was not really not in that good of a condition. hubby was trying to talk on the phone to get all the insurances in order but Owen was inssisting he wanted to talk on the phone also. so i took him to see the van. his reaction was that the moose must be repaired... interresting perspective.

ok, now to the fun stuff. it was so long since i went to the beach myself that i had forgotten how good it feel to walk on the sand. we were so limited in time, because Owen had therapy that afternoon. so we only spent 30 minutes at the beach and i didn't have much time to enjoy it myself because i was too busy taking pictures of their first experience. and that evening i stayed up late to compile it in a video. i wish we could've stayed longer but i realise that anything more and we would've burnt.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

My birthday in history

Nancy tagged me...

For this meme, you go to Wikipedia and check your birthday - then post 3 events, 2 births, and a holiday. And, of course, tag 5 people

August 18:

  1. 293 BC - The oldest known Roman temple to Venus (mythology) was founded, starting the institution of Vinalia Rustica

  2. 1775 - The Spanish established a presidio (fort) and the town came to be called Tucson, Arizona.

  3. 1868 - French astronomer Pierre Jules César Janssen discovers helium.

  4. 1938 - The Thousand Islands Bridge, connecting New York State, United States with Ontario, Canada over the St. Lawrence River, is dedicated by U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

  5. 1941 - Adolf Hitler orders a temporary halt to Nazi Germany's systematic euthanasia of mentally ill and handicapped due to protests.

  6. 1969 - Jimi Hendrix plays the unofficial last day of Woodstock.

  7. 2005 - Dennis Rader is sentenced to 175 years in prison for the BTK serial killings.

  8. 2005 - Massive power blackout hits the Indonesian island of Java, affecting almost 100 million people.

  1. 1587 - Virginia Dare, first English child born in North America (d. 1588)
  2. 1750 - Antonio Salieri, Italian composer (d. 1825) (if you saw the Mozart movie, he was the movie narator)
  3. 1992 - Frances Bean Cobain, daughter Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love


  1. saint of the day: August 18 St. Jane Frances de Chantal (1562-1641) but according to wiki it's Roman Catholic Saints - Saint Helena of Constantinople, and Saint Alberto Hurtado

  2. Australia - Long Tan Day (also called Vietnam Veterans' Day) named after the Battle of Long Tan

  3. Buhe in the Ethiopian Orthodox Church

euh, sorry i couldn't help myeslf and went overboard hehe, it was interresting and ...
woah, good thing blogger started saving drafts automaticaly... i would've lost everything. for some odd reason, my computer crashed.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day

and a special day it was!

first, i get to see some animal drag a scarf or something across the driveway, or so i thought hehe. with closer look i realise it's a mother duck with a row of duckling following her

it was getting quite far by the time i was able to grab the camera, it's not a very clear picture.

then at mass i get a vision while praying, very beautiful... but sorry, no pics. then i got back home and i play a bit with the rubic cube i bought friday for the kids... and i finishe it for the first time in my life, ever... with some instruction mind you but even then when i was a kid we had a cube and an instruction book on how to solve it... a book! and i never mannaged. this one came with one page instruction hehe

durring my nap, my dear husband come and get me because he's over his head, trying to get the kids in the house and there's a hummingbird in our kitchen!

if that's not special enough that i was able to take an upclose pictur of it... i was even able to toutch it before it flew away.
what are the odds of one person toutching the fasted bird there is?

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Wildernes Bliss

Unless you feel like you've swallowed a porkupine. noting too pleasant. i'm so sick of colds. seems Owen catch one everytimes he goes to the center, and then he gives it to us. i'm taking a break.

aside from that, we did see a porkupine last week i think. i'm losing track of time. i'm so frazzled. but here's a pic.

This sunday afternoon, i was gearing for my afternoon nap, when i realised all i was able to do was stare at the ceiling fan and wonder at the beautiful blue sky outside. so i got up and we went for a walk on our trail. not much eventfull, Vivian was tired and couldn't walk straight on the way back so we carried her for part of the way. but i did see a hoof print, and i thought it was a dear track, but my mother thought it was more the size of a moose. now that got me worried about going back on the trail by myself. I was hopping to start walking every day and use our back wood trail but with the prospect of seeing a moose. i opted for the road the next day.

on my way back from my walk the second day on the road, i came across one of my dear neybor. we talked for a while and she reassured me not to worry about moose or even bears for the most part. they're usualy shy and will get out of their way to avoid us if we make some noise, like singing hehe

so the next day i went on the trail again. it was nice but it looks much shorter when walking it without the kids. i didn't see the hoof print again, but i remembered to bring my camera this time and took a few pictures of nature.

this is what i think is an animal track beside my foot

the river looking upstream

the river looking downstream, the tree across is the dandy work of a beaver

you can see again, the tree across the river, that one was down when we went for our walk on sunday. the one across the path, blocking access to the river was fell since then... busy beaver

and this is our trail with the river at my back... facing my way home

so i'm planning to walk everyday as much as possible. although, there's also the garden that will require some of my time soon. there's a man that came with his tractor tiller yesterday and started tilling when he realised the soil was too wet, so he'll have to come back a bit later. we hadn't really decided how big to make it, but after putting sticks near the spot where the grape vines and the asparagus were, the man ended up ripping up a patch 20'x50'. i think it will be big enough hehe

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Winter of Snot

As if we have not seen enough cold and flues this winter, an other one is fierce at claiming that the winter hasn't given up on us yet. Owen started coughing last night and although his temperature doesn't amount to official fever, he's warm to the touch. today, he dragged through his ABA with red groggy eyes. it's spring MR. weather man!!! send us some spring weather... some REAL spring weather PLEAAAASE!!!!

Yet, I've heard Owen is not the only one to suffer the sneezes. Since we can't get away from it, some peoples decided to make a little orchestra with it.

We had planned to start an other round of ozonation, this time in the attic, scheduled for tomorrow morning. it was the soonest we could find a convenient time for it... Owen's booked to attend his ABA at the center, i have a chiro's appointment and Owen also have to see the ortophonist... i hope it's not too demanding for his snot filled head. it will complete the full house ozonation... we have mice and ants in the attic and hope that it will deter them from feeling home.

we didn't think much last night about leaving the attic trap open, but we can say today that there are 3 mice fewer up there now. i heard some noise upstairs and Andy went to check and our cat was playing with one and so he cough it in a jar. today, she was guarding my lazy boy as one had made it it's refuge and one didn't survive our mice hunter. we first thought about letting it open again tonight and let Daphne go at them for an other round, but she might still be tired from her last crazy night and kids not letting her sleep through the day. and i also was wondering about the risk of letting them migrate before the "O3" day.

we were hoping to keep a live mouse in a trap. we heard that it help attract the others in the trap, but the first one we cough last week, escaped, and today, the other one died. there's the young mouse left but it's the one Daphne injured. don't know if it will affect its longevity. the other problem is that it appear the mouse are escaping the trap... not much of a trap then is it?

Saturday, April 14, 2007


Your Quirk Factor: 45%

You're a pretty quirky person, but you're just normal enough to hide it.
Congratulations - you've fooled other people into thinking you're just like them!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I found a new addiction

ever fell in love at first bite? this weekend, it happened to me, we went to bulk barn and found a new serie of snackage. decided to try the pumpkin seed one

it's so good, my hubby had to go buy the 3rd bag of it today. we can't keep em in stock. at least, i'm not the only one who can't get enough of em. i know the kids love them too. then again, if they didn't like them, there would be more for me. ah well, at least, it's full of good nutritional stuff.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

What would you do?

if, one day, by accident, you stumbled on a piece of creation that looked strangely like something you did years ago? has that ever hapened to you?

i'm asking that because it just so happened to me last night. i stumbled on this (look at the foot), and it imediately reminded me of some pendent i made over 10 years ago in college, while taking a jewelery making class.

theirs is cheap and full of lead and mine is sterling silver though. so mine is worth much more then just $1. and i'm not selling it. i've got a hunch my daughter might want to ware it someday

Chantal, standing on one foot

Thursday, March 22, 2007

tag you it!

Random Questions Share, taken from Tina's blog

1. Taken a picture fully naked? nop
2. Painted your room? yes, i was the first i knew to paint a bedroom brown, they laughed at me, and now i see brown walls in almost every houses hehe
3. Made out with a member of the same sex? Nope
4. Drove a car? YES
5. Danced in front of your mirror? Yes, although it's been a long time
6. Have a crush? yes
7. Been dumped?Yep
8. Stolen someones heart? I guess so yeah, hope they'll forgive me
9. Gotten in a car with people you just met? yeah, more then once
10. Been in a fist fight?nop, just karate sparring
11. Snuck out of your house? does sneeking in count?
12. Had feelings for someone who didn't have them back? yep
13. Been arrested? Nope
14. Made Out With A Stranger? yep, verry strange
15. Left your house without telling your parents? nop
16. Had a crush on your neighbour? Nope
17. Ditched school to do something more fun? no
18. Slept in a bed with a member of the opposite sex? I would hope so....
19. Seen someone die? yep, my dad
20. Been on a plane? Yes
21. Kissed a picture? don't recall
22. Slept in until 3? yes, i did work night shifts a few times
23. Love someone or miss someone right now? yes
24. Laid on your back and watched cloud shapes go by? yes
25. Made a snow angel? yes
26. Played dress up? yes
27. Cheated while playing a game? nop
28. Been lonely? yes
29. Fallen asleep at work/school? Yes
30. Yelled at a friend? probably
31. Felt an earthquake? yes although at first we thought it was the dog at my friend's appartment that was shaking a leg hehe
32. Touched a snake? ick, no, don't want to. i had an iguanna for a while and that's as reptilian as it goes for me
33. Ran a red light? no but missed a stop once
34. Been suspended from school? nop
35. Had detention?no
36. Been in a car accident?yep
37. Hated the way you look? yep
38. Witnessed a crime? not dirrectly, but i saw the crowd gather around the victim
39. Pole danced? no thanks
40. Been lost? yep
41. Been to the opposite side of the country? only in my mother's belly
42. Felt like dying? yep
43. Done something you told yourself you wouldn't? yeah
44. Laughed until something you were drinking came out your nose? yep
45. Caught a snowflake on your tongue? YES
45. Sang in the shower? yes, best acoustics in there
46. Made out in a park? maybe
47. Had a dream that you married someone? a few months ago i dreamed i was gonna marry my hubby... like we weren't married yet, wierd huh?
48. Glued your hand to something? nop
49. Got your tongue stuck to a pole? nope
50. Ever gone to school partially naked? nope
51. Been a cheerleader? nope
52. Sat on a roof top? dont' remember
53. Didn't take a shower for a week? maybe, when i had mono, i think
54. Too scared to watch scary movies alone? Don't like them
55. Played chicken? nope
56. Been pushed into a pool with all your clothes on? No
58. Been easily amused?small things amuses me
59. Mooned and or flashed someone? nop, eu wait, yeah once, is there such a thing as half flash? hehe
60. Cheated on a test? no but someone thought i did so i agreed to his allegation saying i was getting my answers from God, i got the strangest look from him hehe
61. Forgotten someone's name? all the time.
62. Slept naked? yes, but with kids it's better to have PJs
63. Gone skinny dipping? yep, once, it was very dark
64. Blacked out from drinking? Yup
65. Played a prank on someone? sometimes
66. Gone to a late night movie? nop
67. Made love to anything not human? ewww, nooo
68. Failed a class? yes
69. Choked on something you're not supposed to eat? no
70. Played an instrument for more than 10 hours? No, i don't think i could do anything for that long
71. Cheated on a boy/girl friend? no
72. Thrown strange objects? define strange
73. Felt like killing someone? no
74. Felt like running away? yeah
75. Have you ever ran away? no, had nowhere to run to :S
76. Made a parent cry? yes
77. Cried over someone? YES
78. Had sex more than 3 times in one day? i don't think so
80. Had/Have a dog? no
81. Own an instrument? yep, wanna buy a bass guitare? i also have a guitar but i keep that one. wish i could have a violin and i sometime miss my piano
82. Been in a band? no
83. Drank 25 sodas in a day? no
84. Broken a CD? Yes
85. Shot a gun? yes, at a pop can
86. Had feelings for one of your best/good friends? yep... married him

Friday, March 16, 2007

An other day bite the dust

Starting with thursday, ya ya, how about living in the present, right? well, that's what happen when your making other plans. ok, so trusday, got up at 5:30 to get in town for 8am... no wonder i'm so out of touch with time, i'm not made to function this early. but none the less we had to be in town because at 10am we had to be at the optometris for Owen's eye exam, yeah, that one we've been preparing for oh, a month now? and figured it would be more timely to do is work in town before the apointment. and 30 minute before going to the optometrist, i had to put drops in his eyes. ahahah, more like 45 minute before i should've prepared fore, cause it took 15 minutes to put 2 drop in each eyes. and as much as we hated it, we had to do it by force, because, he just wouldn't cooperate at all. never, did i ever had so much trouble putting droplets in one eye. and had to be careful not to poke his eye in the process. that's enough already to ruin all the work we had done to get him to look into the machine. but i brought the secret weapon hehe, the one to break fear.

so for sure, we got to the machine, and he was more prudent around it then the last time. he would sit behind it, but wouldn't assume the position to look into it. that's when i take him down from the seat and stand Vivian in his place. she looks, she does it very well. she does it so well, Owen figure, if she can do it, so can i. and we get the mesurement we need for his new eye prescription. now we only need to choose his frame. and pay for them.

after that food was in the order. Ponderosa, as usual, it's the easiest place to get something they'll eat. and a girl to go with that? euh, not sure where the girl come from. they sat beside us for a while and the girl started palying peekaboo with Owen and they had a blast. didn't eat much though. isn't that a first sign of love? ah well. hehe, he's still to young to even ask her name so what can you expect.

then we went to Sears to pick up my new machine. guess what i've been doing since then. euh, floors. one by one, i'm getting them all done. it's a lot better then being stuck doing the same room for a week. can i tell you my feeling about floors? i hate texture. dirt get stuck in it and it's hard to get it out. next time i get floors redone, i pick smooth surfaces.

now i just hope the roads are not too bad tomorrow morning. because i want a chicken!!! the only place i can get them is at the farmer's market on saturday. chicken and other meat products. all med and chemical free.

ok now that i'm all cough up with time. i better go do what i should do at this time... bed time

Chantal, no time for time or time out

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Hey! smell you later!!!

We came home today to a thunder fresh smelling house. no more bad smell and if there were critters, they should be gone too. the house was flooded with ozone made up from the oxigen that was occupying the house, so in other words, there was very little oxigene left to breath if any. i'm hoping that it's also the end of colds. i'm sick of runny noses and feeling under the weather.

on our way back home, i made a stop at frenchies, not so entusiatic about what i found for me, it's not the greatest, but i found a lot of nice stuff for the kids. i had to make 2-3 round of elimination, because i knew it was gonna be too much for my liking at the cash register. why is it so easy to shop for the kids and so much more difficult to shop for me. i hate shopping for me. on the bright side, i saw a friend i hadn't seen in a long time.

on thursday, we took Owen with us to the team meeting so we could take him to the optometrist's office after for an other session of positive enforcement to get confortable with the eye exam mashine. it went pleasingly well, he looked into it and was even able to get a few readings, although he would move at the last minute and we're not totaly sure the mesures are acurate but it's gonna be different with the drops in the eyes next week. so that evening, Owen went to sleep at 10pm, after we stopped at the restorent at 9pm for a late supper. what bugs me is that while we were sitting, eating our meal, a group of young peoples came to sit at the table right next to us and felt it was a dishonor to sit so close to a "2 years old" pfft! why not pick an other table? they even complained about the table, the service and anything they could thing of complaining about. rude! rude! so rude!!!

and last weekend hehe, i'm going backward am i? hehe last weekend, i had the blessing to meet father Melvin Doucette. we attended his retreat on the prayer of contemplation. it was verry interresting and he also celebrated a healling mass. maybe i'll try to go see him in P.E.I. with my mom this summer. If only we could have more priest like him.

so there's been a lot of "out of routine events" lately for the kids. hope it will not affect the routine too much

don't forget to move your clock ahead an hour tonight, if daylight saving time apply to you.

so it's later then it really is and i really should go to bed now. dunno how i'll be able to fool my body but i don't like the idea of losing 1 hour tonight :|

Chantal, losing time

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Owen VS Optometrist

it's been a struggle for over a year now. it's to make us wonder how we got him to look in the machine the first time.

this time around they got a new machine, with a more interresting picture then a plain boring white star

he got interrested in seeing the image of the farm, but when he got to the machine, again he froze. didn't want to get near it. so i thought, if he sees his little sister look into it, he'll get more curious about it and what to know what he's missing out on.

just as i thought, it worked, even though he wouldn't trust the machine completely and wouldn't get his chin on the chin rest. it's progress and we're working on it.

that was actualy last week, we went again this morning, before his speech therapist's apointment and he did put his chin down, but not very long at a time. the technician felt she could have oportunities to take the mesurements, but each time she adjust the machine to do so, the moving parts and little noise make him suspect something and he moves away. so we plan on going again once more before his actual apointment. hope it works well. or i might have to resort to gravols.

Chantal, eye eye

A Thousand Thankyou to Nancy

Yes, Nancy, you have my profound Gratitude. the tidbit of information you shared with me last night saved us around $1000 and probably more. but i'll explain how for anyone else who might be reading this...

last night, my Dear Nancy, told me about a 50% sale on all that you can carry yourself out of the "Sleep Works" bed store she passes by every day on her way to work. i though it was gread and well timed as i wanted to get a exposed wool topper for Vivian's new toddler bed mattress i got her yesterday. and i wanted to get it from that very same place. so i went today after we were finished with Owen's apointments.

i was planning on making it a short trip. for one thing, because, let's face it. you can't just carry out a set of mattress under your arm right? turned out, as she was finishing a sale. i learned that all mattress on stock were half price too!!!! and as it happened, she had the one i was planning to buy for the past 6 months or more on the floor. after some consideration tho, i wanted something a bit softer. and it just happened she had one she needed to return, but just because it was sent to the store the wrong size. only $200 more and suited me better. only thing is, how do i carry it out?

so i went back home 4o minutes drive to drop Owen off and pick up hubby. got my mom to look after the kids, we got all passenger seats out and now my new bed is made in my bedroom. i'm so excited and looking forward to a good night sleep.

i was so overdue for a new bed. i've been sleeping on a futon mattress of poor quality for the past 10 years and for half of it, it's been like sleeping in a nest. could also explain why i've been needing to go to the chiro every 2 weeks for so long and i couldn't see a time in the near future when it would change. so it bring new hope of wellbeing.

to make it even more interresting. while i was there, there's a lady that the bed store owner knew that walk in and we started to talk ozone generator, other air purifiers and various health info. she found it so stange, saying she don't believe in coincidences and felt like an urge that she had to come to the store. i also admitted that i hadn't plan on buying a bed today and had not everything dragged on today the way it did, i would't be there at that time. it was quite strange too how she said that everything happens for a reason and that's something i've been saying a lot too since i've had my paradigme shift with my faith. i'm not too sure where it will lead, but there must be a reason for it. we've exchanged contact infor and let God's plan unfold from there.

there is, i believe, something happening in my life, of spiritual nature. i can't really put my finger on it yet, but there are things happening, strange "coincidence" as one might say, but i don't believe in coincidence either. so i'm not too sure what to call them. a health nut with religious belief... like me? that would be very interresting hehe.

other incidence that i've noticed lately... it might sound wierd, but yesterday, as i was waiting to be registerd for my apointment at the hospital, just as i sat in the waiting room, there's 2 ladies that started talking about a common aquaintance that lived in my town, i live in a very small town. then someone going to the registering counter mentionned my mother's town of origine, that is a bit further up north, on the same road that lead here. and not long after... there's a lady that was sitting right next to me and she started humming Amazing Grace. don't think i need to read much into it. i think it's just a way for God to let me know he's there, in a subtle way.

there are other incidence i could think of, they seem to run in clusters of 3 situation of similar subject. I don't know if God mind me saying it all for anyone to read. so i guess i'll leave it at that for now and i'll only say this: God, I love you and thank you very much. You make me want to sing, Glory to You in the highest, Holy is your Name...

I also want to thank my husband for being who he is, thank you for the kindness and loving support. there might be days where i feel bummed out, but i remain greatful. my life is blessed and it is a joy that carries me in good times as in bad.

Chantal, once again, Thank you Nancy!!!

[edited] ... i forgot to mention that i was the last one to get the 50% [/edit]

Friday, February 09, 2007

Only a few sticks left

that's what it all came down to again at the biginning of the week, after dear hubby went to get a few minivan loads of wood from his parents last week. yep, it burns fast around this time and since we had no clue how much wood to buy in the fall, we fell short. the wood we had in the fall was not all that dry either so it was hard to light and burn and it took a lot of it to generate some heat.

so i had to find someone who still had some wood for sale and quick. called one around town and his equipment is away for the winter. the other number had no answer. found one in the paper but felt bad about calling someone outside of town especialy since one lady who live up the road said her brother still had some wood, all cut and dry. the only problem is, although she walks her dogs every day past our house, i dont' have her phone number, don't know her last name... but things worked well after all because she was walking by just before i made the decision to dial the other guys. so i ran to the door in a rush to call her. she was able to connect me with her bro and now we have wood for the rest of the winter, i hope.

Andy brought in a few wheelbarow's load in the house before to go to work and we threw a few sticks in the furnace. as i was getting the kids ready for bed, there was this overheating smell, like when you turn on a baseboard heater for the first time of the season. i looked at the thermostat for the entrace heater and it was on, so i thought it could've been that. bur after Vivian was in bed, i went down to put more wood as, small sticks burn faster... that's mainly what we received this time, not much i'd consider overnight logs. and to my surprise, the furnace's temperature was way over the top. never seen it that high and the draft was still open. so i ran upstairs to turn the termostat down so it would shut it. made sure the heat ducts were open so the heat could escape, even went outside to sheck if there were flames comming out the cheminy.

i was glad when the furnace started to cool down some. those might be small sticks but they burn HOT!!! look like we're not going to need as much wood to maintain same heat comfort.

on an other note, i heard some news that warmed my soul this week. Father Melvin Doucette is comming near by again. i had missed his last visit to the Trapist monastery. Andy's even taking some time off so we can go this time. i wish it would have landed on his days off, but i'm very greatful for his willingness to use his vacation time for that purpose. His only hope is that we can get our wood for the next winter delivered for his vacation so he can cut wood the rest of the time. althought i think he's interrested to see if work would allow him to only take his day shifts off, that's all we need really for the trip. we'll see :)

Chantal, "it's warm, warm, warm" ~ quote from Owen

Monday, February 05, 2007

Atchoooo Sneeezaroooo

so for some of the year to this date, we've been sick. yep, when not one, it's an other, but the bug hasn't left us a break in over a month. what a nice year so far. i'm trying to boost my immune system every way i can think of to no avail. i'm getting a good tast of the flue again.

needless to say, i'm sick and tired of being sick and tired... and i started to think about what else could make a difference. yesterday, my inlaws came to visit and my mother in law mentionned about the ionizer she got in her bedroom for the past year and how she hasn't had an year infection since. and i remember she used to have them a fair bit.

so it got us tinking about getting something too. we first considered the Germ Guardian. but would it really suit us? then what about the one my mom in law has? a bit more expensive but it works for her? and finaly we decided to make the big step, the one we've been considering for a few years now, and it would not only take care of the germs, it could take care of the pesky summer bugs too. like ants and spiders...

so andy made the call today to order the Ozonator and it was being shipped today. hopping for friday, *hope* *hope* *hope* i guess what make me anxious is ordering long distance and not knowing how it will be handled at the border. this machine is made powerfull enough for professional use. so if anyone want their house freshended up, let me know.

i also recently heard about the benefits of coconut oil, and curious about what it could do for me but am not ready to buy a small jar for $19 so my husband told me he'd get coconuts and i can pass them trough my juicer... i was skeptick at first but i tried one and it work well enough for me. it even kept me full all morning. so today in my errands, i stumbled across a display of nice big coconuts full of splish splashy milk. they were even a bit cheaper then the one my dear hubby bought. so i picked up half a dozen. what? one a day! :) i'll share, i promiss. i think owen's getting a tast for it.

Chantal, sick, nut and all bugged out.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Today's 3 events

some good, some bad

today, after baking some hot biscuits for a big breakfast, i decided to try the self clean on my oven. it ran for 3 hours, and just after it started and locked the door, Cindy, the worker that assist owen with ABA, told me her mother didn't take her grills out and they got dull. did i take my grills out? noooooo! so guess what, i got dull grills, yep! but my oven is clean, wow, no scrubbing and it turned a dark and crusty oven that was getting smoaky into a, well, clean one hehe.

after that, i proceded to continue washing the dining room floor, that is hard wood, worn out and although we mopped it every now and then, there's nothing like a good scrub with a brush to get all the dirt from the previous tennants. did i tell you how bad this place has been neglected? i already scrubbed the kitchen tiles, and let me tell you, it really needed it. but i didn't get enough time or energy to do the complete dinning area today. tomorrow is an other day.

then there is Owen who was very tired, and didn't make it to suppertime, he went to sleep in the play room, didn't want to go in his bed so Andy took some coutch cushions and a blanket. when he woke up, wasn't even interrested in eating, he went to bed with a feaver. Vivian didn't feel her best either, she fell asleep in my arm before supper and had her nursing before she had some supper, then rocked to sleep. it look like i might have to cancel Owen's ABA for tomorrow.

Chantal, 3's enough for today

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Bible nut

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Monday, January 22, 2007

I'm mad, mad maaaad

but im not angry, just bad, eu, no, no i mean mad, yeah! mooo!!!

make sense? no, probly not, i'm totaly drawn out, like blank, trying to set myself to acomplish the task i intend to do, but nothing get done, well, breakfast was done, but not the crock pot that was supose to be cooking till suppertime... instead it was put inthere at suppertime. i didn't make the soupe i would've like to do, instead, made a hurry up soup. then again, mister noodle might have tasted better. ah well.

a bit of day dreaming, i guess i need more sleep.

while i was working so hard accomplishing nothing, the kids were hard at work getting in trouble haha, found them grating an old avon angel shaped soap into my bedroom's heat duct. grabbed the body on the floor and asked owen to surrender the head and leave the bedroom. he would've liked me to start the ceiling fan, so i lead him to his bedroom, so he could admire that ceiling fan instead... so everything is fine right, no big deal. just a bit of soap rubbed on the grill. and some crumbs on the floor.

a little later, too much quietness again, and i go back to peak at their deeds. at the heat duct again, this time shreading paper and sticking the pieces in. oh no, no no, , that's too much thank you, this is not something we do, please leave the room, leave now, you too Vivian. oh but she did not like that, but that it please her not, it's still something we don't do, please move on. i'm not in the mood for the magical mistery heat duct.

there was something i dear son did that made me proud and i wanted to mention it but, with my space brain, i forgot. *blank look*

maybe i could tell you that a few days ago, or wee morning, daphne was making so much noise i had to go see what she was up to, and found out she was playing with a shrew, and it was still partly alive... did i already say that in a not so far away blog? i think i'm really on a loop. anyway, i got tweezers and mannaged to pick it up by the tail, showed it back to daphne and she batted it away and kept playing with it, it not moving much so i pick it up again, and figure i'd throw it in the furnace... it's a shrew, what else would you do? well, i guess i did the wrong thing, cause as i was throwing it in, it fell, yep, not in the furnace, but 1 inch short of it, and as soon as it hit the floor, it ran under the furnace *blink blink* what? it didn't run when daphne was batting it around? what happened? now i can only hope daphne will catch it again. so i guess next time, it's not gonna be fire, but water.

this evening and last. daphne has been keeping a very close eye on the side wall of the kitchen. andy had bought some live mouse trap so i thought i'd put one there just in case. should find out sooner or later if our mouse hunter is sitting there for a good reason or just wishfull.

ah yeah, owen broke his glasses... again, i supose i should call the optometrist even if i can't get the glasses in right away, at least they can order the part

i think i'm getting too lasy to keep a chain of tought so i'm gonna call it quit for tonight

Chantal in the loony days

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Keep it burning or freez like a log

Now i can seriously say that it feel more like a real winter. minus 21º C last night and even colder tonight, brrr, my finger are freezing on the keyboard... no heat in the computer room.

i had closed the play room off for the night to keep the rest of the house warmer and it did that just fine. but i regretted doing it none the less... the play room's temperature was not a whole lot above freezing temperature and it took a long time to go back up, so owen had to work in a cold room in the mornin with his worker.

i try to improve the play room whenever i can so it work better for his ABA service. i had to fix one of the kid's chair, we maide some shelving on the wall to use instead of a cupboard. i make sure the little heater is in the room to keep it warm. i put back the window i had removed between the play room and the diningroom. it was too much of an occasion for Vivian to be a distraction to Owen. and now i started painting the windown so she can't peep through and clown around for owen. she can be such a commedian. the next day, i allowed them to paint on one of the unpainted window and here's the result of it

well, part of it hehe. it was funny to watch her paint from the knees, holding the paintbrush at the very tip and making big movement assisted from springs in her leggs, she looked like a little renaissance artist.

after Owen's spinning phase, he entered a tearing phase, boxes included, but some one else thought about doing someting special with a tot's love for tearing boxes. while we talk about kids and music, there's a video of a girl who recorded a song when she was 3, now, she's 17 and the video is on youtube hehe. my daughter was with me when i watched and listened to those songs and she kept asking for more cuppy cake.

i think my brain is starting to freeze, i know my feets are getting numb so i should go warm up in my bed

Chantal, one log at a time, or more, if it fit in the furnace.

Friday, January 05, 2007

New Year updates

so yeah, i welcomed the new year with my head in a bucket. what ever happened of the sneezes? i could've been ok with the sneezes. but no it HAD to get to the worst, and just on time too. ah well, it's over now. i'm still in recovery mode... 5 days later. as a wierd side effect of the flue, i get this bad case of gassiness. burp, farts and all the bloathing to go with it. anyone else experience this? i know this flue is going around in what seem to be 3 different set of symptoms. and not everybody get all of them, some get only the thingly throat. lucky me, got the whole combo.

my mother was kind enough to brave the infectiousness and help me get some rest by looking after the kids while i was totaly miserable. then she calls today and by the sound of her voice, i was very hesitant to ask how she was, cause i could already tell that the answer was "not good" so now it's her turn to get some rest. i think we're both thankfull for the timing though. alowed her to help me, drive me to my chiro's apointment and get her apointment looked after at the same time so she didnt' have to go back this morning as she would've been absolutely unable to.

on a brighter note, with the help of my good friend Nancy and her hubby, i have a new something for my blog. i didn't want to change everything, just add a little something new hehe. hope you like it.

and today we finaly put up the shelves we bought after christmas and that i was too sick to help put up on new year... in the play room to put away the kids toys. better then the cupboard we had. Vivian had found the skill to open it and they were able to scatter the toys all over the room. now its all open but too high for them to reach, yet. i'm sure eventualy one of em will have the brain to drag a chair. at least they'll only be able to reach the bottom shelf for some time. i'm a bit surprised at how much of it we were able to fill of it already though. i was expecting to have more free space then that. maybe i need to look again for toys they have outgrown.

i also love the fact that christmas was a good motivator to deal with clutter. it look so good with less messyness and stuff out of place. now it almost look acceptable for peoples to come visit us.

Chantal updated for the New Year