Saturday, October 27, 2007

Pancakes in a can?

my hubby got into the habit of making pancakes every week on his swingshift. and since 75% of the family is gluten free, he has taken to make them with buckwheat. they taste a bit more gritty and nutty, but overall, still very palatable, not like the time i tried to make buckwheat soba... that was terrible. the kids didn't seem to mind but i did. now i would be totally rolling my eyes at this idea of pancakes in a can, as one more over processed, chemical cocktail of die and preservatives... but it's organic! my jaw nearly dropped.

of course, it's still a product i wouldn't go for, because a. there's soy, and i think of it being healthy is a big deception and b. there is wheat and wheat has gluten :( but if they believed in health enough to care to select organic ingredients, and if it become popular enough, maybe they'll come up with other healthy varieties.

i so miss pizzaaaaaaaaa! dairy is an other big no no here. even more so then gluten. *sigh*

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.................Nancy said...

Wow good idea.. but.. I wonder how much it costs, because I see that there's only 8 servingsin a can! Carbs aren't too bad either 16g - 2g fiber.