Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Sunday, August 13, 2006


Say what? hmm yeah, its a poo zoo here, one after the other, if one poops, you can be 94% guarantied, the other pooped too, or is just about to. and if not, is because one of em has pooped more then his share. poopy!!!! yeah, 2 kids in diappers, both having the runs and a red bum. so i decided to cancel Owen's apointment to the ortophonist in the afternoon, he will stay with Memere and Vivian home while mommy and daddy goes to town to meet the psychologist that will assess what kind of learning dissability he might have. We suspect some spectrum autism tendencies, in a high functionning way but still would need some help getting some things under control.

now i'm relaxing sipping a few glass of wine and, euh well, the piece of cake is gone now. it was good. nice b-day cake. angel cake, with butter cream and straberries/blueberries in a gelly to top it off.

my dear husband announced me this morning that we have a mouse in the house. our cat has been camping in the family room for the past while trying to get it. he say she had it in her mouth a few times but failled to kill it yet. she's good at killing mouses and shrews outside, so what is she waiting for here? in any way, i put a humaine mouse trap near the place Andy suspect she's hiding. it don't kill mouses, it just trap them in a container with a bit of peanut butter and a metal door that flip so it can't get out. we'll see if the trap or the cat will get it first.

and today was the first day ever that i can remember that Owen woke up and darted out of his room saying, "thomas le train, thomas le train" and rushing to the play room... we just bought him a thomas the train play set, and he seem very fond of it. we were gonna buy him a Little Peoples garage station from fisherprice, with a few add ons sets. but for the past few days prior to our b-day gift shopping, he's been requesting to see the thomas the train short shows. and we decided to give the train set action figures a try. we'll see over the next while if he keep some entousiasm for is. or at least enoug interrest to grant expanding on the set in the future. his sister on the other hand, like to be the giant and climp on the table to take the track apart. she's quite the climber lately, she even started climbing on the kitchen chairs so she could climb on the kitchen table. she's quite good at it too. i cought her doing it a few times. but the one time i wasn't looking. she missed her stunt and fell, while i was changing owen's diaper.... remember... the runny poop? so hopefully, this poopy deal will end soon... i think i'll try to stop at a pharmacy to ask about kid's diareah's remedy tomorrow if it dont' get any better.

Night all
Chantal, all pooped out

Monday, August 07, 2006


today my inlaws came so my father in law could help my dear husband cut some wood for the winter, and also thin out the forrest, because it's terribely thick. By clearing around some trees it give them a chance to grow without so much competition and get bigger. My mother in law also brought me some yellow string beans and some beets, i love beets, especialy with the greens on top. after they left, i called my mom to look after the kids so i could help cut some branches off to clear some of the lawn that is occupied by trees right now.

grumble, grumble, getting late again, grumble grumble, got.. to .... go ....crash down, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Chantal out

Sunday, August 06, 2006

No more leaky roof

Finaly, this week, we had the roofers over and they replaced the shingles on both the house and the garrage. it's so nice not to have to worry about heavy rain anymore. it took them 4 days, they were only 3 of em, except on the first day they were 2.

found out, that the fans to draw the moisture from our bathrooms were venting directly into.... our atic : did i mentionned earlier that that atic don't have any ventilation to the outside?
we also finaly fixed the leaky toilette that we had put out of service for probably a month. now i don't have to leave my bedroom to go pee, hehe

now, next on our priority list is:

cutting wood for the winter
getting the furnace inspected and serviced
finding someone to look at our water softener, if it's still usable
and much more

i wish we could have the windows done but after the cost of having the roof done, it will have to wait a year or 2 if it can

we also bought a push reel mower this weekend, it might take a bit longer and be somewhat more physicaly demanding, but it's quiet and no gas cost. considering that it cost us $10 of gas everytime we mow the entire lawn, it can get quite expensive, and our mower is either in bad need of service or about to kick the bucket so we need something else. at the speed the lawn is growing, i can see us spending $100 of gas easily for the summer, if not more. having owen follow the gas mower around bare feet made me quite nervous, that pushmower has me more at peace and it stops as soon as you stop pushing hehe and i can enjoy the bird singing while mowing, something impossible whit a gas mower.

P.S. i've had wierd dreams too, but i'm too tired to remember hehe