Wednesday, July 18, 2007

First time at the beach

2 days ago, when i woke up, it was so nice out that i decided I should no longer delay and bring my kids to the beach for the first time in their life... after all, we live in the maritimes, it's almost not normal for them to have never seen the beach.

They loved it! so much so that, back at home, while eating lunch, Owen was asking to go back. and i know he's not going to give up. he still talk about the broken moose. oh yeah, i just realised that i didn't say anything about that here yet. since Facebook happened to me, i got even more lazy.

ok, so here's the story... my dear husband hit a moose on his way back home from work over a week ago. he called me to tell me so i knew it couldn't be too bad. that kind of encounter can be fatal. and he wasn't hurt but just mannaged to bring the van home but that's about it because it was not really not in that good of a condition. hubby was trying to talk on the phone to get all the insurances in order but Owen was inssisting he wanted to talk on the phone also. so i took him to see the van. his reaction was that the moose must be repaired... interresting perspective.

ok, now to the fun stuff. it was so long since i went to the beach myself that i had forgotten how good it feel to walk on the sand. we were so limited in time, because Owen had therapy that afternoon. so we only spent 30 minutes at the beach and i didn't have much time to enjoy it myself because i was too busy taking pictures of their first experience. and that evening i stayed up late to compile it in a video. i wish we could've stayed longer but i realise that anything more and we would've burnt.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

My birthday in history

Nancy tagged me...

For this meme, you go to Wikipedia and check your birthday - then post 3 events, 2 births, and a holiday. And, of course, tag 5 people

August 18:

  1. 293 BC - The oldest known Roman temple to Venus (mythology) was founded, starting the institution of Vinalia Rustica

  2. 1775 - The Spanish established a presidio (fort) and the town came to be called Tucson, Arizona.

  3. 1868 - French astronomer Pierre Jules César Janssen discovers helium.

  4. 1938 - The Thousand Islands Bridge, connecting New York State, United States with Ontario, Canada over the St. Lawrence River, is dedicated by U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

  5. 1941 - Adolf Hitler orders a temporary halt to Nazi Germany's systematic euthanasia of mentally ill and handicapped due to protests.

  6. 1969 - Jimi Hendrix plays the unofficial last day of Woodstock.

  7. 2005 - Dennis Rader is sentenced to 175 years in prison for the BTK serial killings.

  8. 2005 - Massive power blackout hits the Indonesian island of Java, affecting almost 100 million people.

  1. 1587 - Virginia Dare, first English child born in North America (d. 1588)
  2. 1750 - Antonio Salieri, Italian composer (d. 1825) (if you saw the Mozart movie, he was the movie narator)
  3. 1992 - Frances Bean Cobain, daughter Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love


  1. saint of the day: August 18 St. Jane Frances de Chantal (1562-1641) but according to wiki it's Roman Catholic Saints - Saint Helena of Constantinople, and Saint Alberto Hurtado

  2. Australia - Long Tan Day (also called Vietnam Veterans' Day) named after the Battle of Long Tan

  3. Buhe in the Ethiopian Orthodox Church

euh, sorry i couldn't help myeslf and went overboard hehe, it was interresting and ...
woah, good thing blogger started saving drafts automaticaly... i would've lost everything. for some odd reason, my computer crashed.