Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Urge to Paint

so now that the kids both have their own room, and Owen's room has been on the primer eversince we moved in. i feel the urge to paint it before it get too cold to be able to ventilate apropriately while getting messy. there's also the entrance that is on the primer and should be painted soon because i dont think it could endure an other wash. even though it would be very nice to be able to paint the whole house, it's really not in the budget. and there's some room that will need some renovation done before going near the paint bucket.

so i'm trying to find ideas to paint the room in a creative way, not just one solid color. i had a picture in my mind of a girl's bedroom decore idea i saw a while back, it was pink and green. then i saw these things last night...

and also this sweet artic flower garden toutch you can find here

now, i'm not gonna spend hours trying to find what i have in mind for Owen's because it apear to be even more difficult to find boy's bedroom decore images. but i had a few ideas:

- the beach/sea, nice blue sky, some clouds, a plain, birds...

- a night sky with the planets, a rocket, the moon...

- or, 2 tone blue with this kind of effect. maybe some fireflies and wild life/nature accents.

i like the glow in the dark stars idea so much, i'd put it in every bedrooms, cause i'm sure Vivian would like it too and so would I *grin*

i just have to figure out how to make the night sky as acurate as possible with all the constelation and what not.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Easy going can only go so far

i'me a big fan of co-sleeping, and i enjoyed it very much. in fact, i would still enjoy it if it wasn't for the fact i had to draw the line last night. this time i'll call it a safety issue.

I don't have to worry about her falling off the bed, she does fine in her bed or mine. she's mostly gentle and non intrusive sleeping buddy. but what happen before she goes to sleep, while i'm out of the room is a different ball of wax. and she knows when she's sticking her nose where it doesn't belong. because last night after hearing a lot of uncommon noise, hubby decided to go take a look and as he opened the bedroom door, she was rushing to her bed.

couldn't find anyting incriminating at the moment, just layed in bed while she fell asleep in hers. then came back down. when came time for me to go to bed. i didn't notice anything while stumbling in the dark to get under the covers. some times later. it was getting a bit brighter. i guess it was around 5-6 am, hubby was getting ready for work, and i came to realise that something was stuck on my tigh... a termometer case? what? hmmm, it should be in the baby care hard case in my drawer... with a safety lock. and the thermometer was, beside the bed on the floor. *sigh*

then i found the bottle of Holy Water... finaly empty! again, was stored in a drawer with a safety lock on. and she had gotten her hands on it once before. that's why i say... finaly empty. i was taking my temperature, as i always do in the morning when i picked the Holy Water bottle and showed it to her... she turned around and started crying, even though i had not spoken a word.

and also found a tube of tootpast completely flat in the same drawer as the baby care kit... not suposed to be there? hmmm, did you eat this? a muffled yeah, came out of her. not sure if she really did, how much there would've been originaly in it when she found it(we did not notice any unusual symptoms from her)... but i was not a happy camper. maybe it was a snack form the night she had that smelly poop durring the night(usualy she doesn't poop at night) but i wrote it off as too many goji berries, cause there was a lot of seeds in her poop... to many unsafe behaviors in one session. no child proof devices are safe with her... the ensuite bathroom door in our room has a safety door nob, that she can open, and then she can climb to reach what ever she feel like. although we don't keep much that could seriously harm her in there... facecloth, Q-tips, electric razor, comb, hair elastics...

we had started thinking about getting her into her own room for a bit, but figured, we should get a closet organizer first, and with the chelation therapy comming soon, for probably 6 months, it's no time to risk getting pregnant, so co-sleeping with 2 years old daugher was not a rush to terminate really, until last night. i'm kinda sad, because i really enjoyed co-sleeping with her... I love my son dearly but when it comes to co-sleeping, it was only good when he was fast asleep, cause when he'd wake up before me, especialy after he mannaged to sit on his own, i would often have him bash his head straight on my nose as a wake up call. very fidgetty and rough. still to this day, it's nearly impossible to cuddle with him without getting hurt, unless in the lazyboy, that minimized the hurts. no refinement in cuddliness what so ever.

now, this is only first night, and it seems to go well so far, but i'm not making myself any illusion. i'm expecting some resistance at one point or an other. hopefully, we'll be able to address it in a way that makes everybody happy.

now it's my turn to go to bed and see how i'll adjust to the new arrangement. it's been over 4 years of co-sleeping with the kids, now back with hubby. hopefully, we'll last at last a year hehe

Friday, August 24, 2007

Lead Head

Owen and I went for some test to find out about heavy metal toxicity. and the results are in. i was expecting mercury, but lead came instead. it explain a lot of stuff and the good news is, there's chelation therapy to help get rid of a good portion of it. i will try keep up on the blog the progress of our wellbeing through the next 6-9 months.

since my msn buddy is gone to NY for the weekend. i think i'll just go find something to do now.

by the way, I want to thank you Nancy for your weight lost tip... no carb in the evening might be what i needed... on top of my walk.

i'm off to go make some facecloth and cotton pads. look like i'm seriously getting allergic to disposable ones (TMI)