Saturday, December 30, 2006

Sneezing my way to the new year

arcktchooooooo! sniffle snifffsifff

yep, just 2 days away from the new years and i have to catch my first cold of the year. and just well timed to pass on to the next, how cool is that?

and to top it off, i get to miss the traditional family reunion. one of the few where we get to see most of the family at once. not that many peoples talk to me. i've felt like the invisible one for quite some time. but it get a chance for the kids to get toghether, play and have fun like we used to do when we were kids. hehe

i guess my new year's eve plan, are to sleep it away

today we had some sopping to do so i didn't get to rest and get comfy. got shelving to put into the play room so we can organise the toys better. a new 3 way dimmer switch for the entrance light. the old one was really dying and down right anoying. we also got a new thermostat for the wood furnace but there's a riddle that came with it. our current thermostat is so old that it doesn't have the wire designation label we need to follow the instruction. this new thermostat has connection for 5 of 6 wires, and we only have 2 wires. and since it's the christmass and new year season. we'll have to wait a bit before to get customer service.

ahtchoo time to go to bed *blow nose*
chantal all miserible... with a small "c" because i don't quite feel myself

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Just because everybody's in a quiz mood

How well can a quiz tell if you know me?

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Are you cold?

I just finished reading an article on global warming that bring forth a different theory then what i heard so far... according to this, we do affect our environement with our polution but we would be giving ourself far too much credit for how much of it we do influence.

look like they found out that there are warmings every 1500 years. enough that they were able to grow crops in greenland at one point so we're not even that warm yet. apparently the most of this recent warming occured durring the 1940's. and here i thought that it get so cold even in the past 15 years. make me wonder how cold and depressing it must have been before the 40's? brrrrrrr.

i wonder how long those warming cycles usualy last, because i could get used to this warmer milder winter time

Chantal, frozen feet and blue nose

Monday, December 18, 2006

Zombi Thumping

this post is 2 days old, and i'm still a zombi
~*~ ~*~ ~*~

it's only 5:30pm and we're done eating supper... it might sound like the normal time to feed two tots but i think otherwise... they still have 1 hour and 30 minutes to play or what not before bedtime routine. and to top it off, bathnight is only tomorrow so i can't even use that to spend some time.

it was a day shift for Andy and my mom had events to attend all day so i didn't even get her usual help that is especialy welcomed around naptime where i can sleep regardless of the kids decision to snooze or not.... today, well, they didn't, i don't think they did and it was making it difficult for me to rest, and i really needed it. i believe i was falling asleep as owen was doing his 15 minute pre-nap rocking, while nursing. it was hurting to stay awake. so after he went in his room, i took Vivian in bed with me to nurse her and she didn't indulge very long that she actualy wanted to go in the play pen. ok, so there you go! but after a short period, she either beg to go on the potty or get naked, whitch is an indication also that she want to go on the potty. this time, she was getting undressed, so i took her on the potty and changed her diaper, took her back in play pen. she played and babbled and complained about getting out at times. she sometime complain a fair bit just before she passes out.

this time, i'm really not sure what happened, i felt that feeling, that one you get when sleep is just about to overtake you. but then, it got more intense and it felt like a white light was coming to me and penetrate me in my left shoulder. at first i though it had to be good, then i had some doubt. i started to wonder if i'd die if i let it happen. looked like someone was walking in through that light. i started to pray and it remained unchanged but i didn't know what to make of it at this point and i willed to wake up and then back to sleep and at time it was to figure out what was the status with the kids. and it seemed like i bobbled in and out of sleep, riding that thin limbo feeling. sometime dipping deeper in the sleep realm and sometime becoming consious but hearing radio? radio??? but but? wake up fully, no radio... start driffting again, more radio, wake up, no, just the kids talking and singing a bit and nothing else. drift again and it sounded like a radio anouncer was talking but i knew it could't be. so eventualy i decided it was probably late enough and they've been waiting awake long enough, can't have wakefull down time all afternoon. trying to drag myself out of bed was verry difficult, feeling guilty for trying to take a nap when they don't and yet feeling like i needed to sleep much longer.

it took me more time then i care for, to get functional again, and durring that time i really couldn't afford to nurse, something Vivian was requesting at the time. it would've probably knocked me back out of consiousness. i had to say no but that brought a chain reaction of cries. no one wanted to be reasonable so back in their room untill they could calm down. that feel very terrible since i felt they already spent more then they should in there. but it allowed for a more peacefull restart.

i also mannaged to finish sticking the whole christmas tree on the wall in the living room

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

A potty trip back in time

ok, this post was meant for november 15th, i wrote it upstairs on a computer that has no internet connection so i had to physicaly move it down to my computer. i know it's old, i guess it leads me to ask you, does blog post have an expiry date?

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

I think we reached a new step in potty training this morning, Owen's diaper was dry and he had a good one in the toilette. i don't think it's gonna be all smooth sailing from there. but there's hope.

Andy found my wedding ring on the floor of the sun room in a corner... now all doubts are removed to where i could've lost it. i didn't, my son did. he is getting tall enough to have a very good reach over the kitchen counter where i had placed it.... over a week ago. i'll have to stoped waring it on my pinky, it doesn't fit on my fing finger since i was pregnant of my daughter. the disadventage of an intricate design is that i can't get it resized. so i guess i have to find an other way to carry it with me or store it away.


· ok, i got 2 monkey on acid sworming around my keyboar hn v nnnnnnnnnbbbb<.bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbnbbbbbbbbbbnbhhhhhhhhhhhhhhjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjhhhhhhhhkuuuuuuuuoooooo vvvvvvvvvvvvvvhhhhhhhhkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkukiuknnnnnn bnjjjlllljjjjkjjjjmnunjcccccccccfgggggbbbbbbbkhkjhkhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhjjjjkjjjjjjjjjjkjjjkjj vvvvvvfvg vvvvv the windows. they left you a message above. i think it's bath time

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

hmmm, look like they chewed a piece of my post off with their bbbbnbhhhh, bah, i guess that's life with kids :D
did i tell you that Owen (3 years old) is learning to play free cell? all that hacking away on the puter might pay off one day hehe

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Diet Coke and Mentos

a force to reckon with
Seriously, i have just viewed a number of different video made on youtube... i'm going to post here the most enjoyable for your eyes...
warning: there are some, not so pleasant one you can view if you're a sceptic but please... DO NOT TRY TO INGEST THIS COMBINATION

Monday, December 04, 2006

Snow! snow, snow...

that's all my daughter could say when we got back home and we allowed her to stand in it. and she didn't want to get inside, even if her nose fell off. ok, no her nose didn't fall of, but it was colorful.

talking about colorful and seasonal. here's a little someting to put you in the mood hehe

so yeah, we went in town today for one of owen's many apointments, and the roads were still nice when we left. when we got out of the office, it was snowing quite a bit and we had to go eat and we did... the restorent was fairly empty so there wasn't much competition at the buffet. we got out and it had calmed down so we did a few errands and picked up a cellular phone, since there's a fair bit of winter driving involved in going to work for Dear Hubby and for apointments in town... we need to be reacheable and also be able to call for help if accident happens.

we got a $0 phone. yep, costs us nothing for the phone when we sign up for a 3 years plan. and since it's going to be usefull for much longer, i thought it was a good deal. just in pay phone charges to call home from work, we almost pay that much in longdistances and i don't think we'll be using our 220 minutes a months for the little we might use it. hmmm, 220 minutes, that's 3.6 hours! that's a lot!!! that's very much a lot for us hehe

euh? you want to see my new phone? well, it's not really mine, cause Andy's gonna be the one carrying it when going to work. but i'll have it at times too when i have to go intown... so i guess it's our phone. bah! tough, i'm not showing. cause really, it's just a phone, and well, who really care what the phone looks like? :p

on our way back the road to home was covered and about 5 minutes of the way, there was an accident that didn't look too good. one car was across the ditch and quite crumpled on the front end. there were some pieces on the road and on the other side, there was a big flat bed truck resting full length in the ditch. there were already other vehicles on site as we drove by, one was the phone company. not sure why, probably just driving by and stopped to help. so we drove 55km/h on a road that usualy drive 90-100km/h.

For Owen's service, i was debating wetter i should pick morning or afternoon. cause he might be in better mood in the morning, around 10 then in the afternoon. but around 8 he's just getting up or having breakfast and i can't picutre myself getting us up around 6 am, i'm just not a morning person, and it would be 5 am if we had to make it for an in town apointment. eh eihn, not gonna happen. on the other hand, in the afternoon, he rarely ever take his nap anymore, he just putter around in his room, banging walls, talking and singing. we still gave him downtime, because sometime he still fall asleep, and when he does, he sleep a long time. and it would also be much easier for us to make it in town for his apointments in the afternoon when it's the case. but today, the Lady in charge of the team that will be providing his service gave me an other option for the at home visits. from 10 to noon, and then from 12:30 to 2:30pm. now that would be great i think. because 10 is, in my opinion, one of his peek time of the day, and finishing at 2:30 would still allow him time for a nap before supper if he wants one. especialy that after she was done with him today, he really looked like it tired him out hehe. she mentionned that with that arrangement, he'd have the one showing up in the morning, going away for lunch and a different one showing up after lunch. although, that would make for twice as much traveling for the team. ah well, i guess we'll see. we should be starting his steady schedule next week. seems like it's taking for ever to start. i guess i shouldn't worry too much, she's confident Owen's gonna go through the program like a breeze.

ah yeah, tomorrow i should remember to call the farm to put my name for a Christmas turkey

oh, did i say, the snow look very nice in the contry? or is it the contry that look nice with snow on? make me look forward to get myself a good pare of cross contry skies. weee, we got a very nice trail that would be perfect for it.

i should go put a log in the furnace now

Chantal, it's winter, booh!