Monday, February 27, 2006

Is that my sign?

The sign i've been praying for last night?
could it be?

cause i have a hard time dealing with dilemas, i prayed that if the house in Sackville was the one for us, I asked God to send us someone interrested to buy the house in the next week or 2. i thought leaving 2 weeks for God to send me a sign would be a descent timeframe. Not that i think he can't work with much less time, i guess i just didn't want to sound too much like i was in a hurry. I really didn't expect that a friend hint to us that he's interrested the next day.

Yes, tonight, less then 24 hours before my prayer, he announce that they're gonna put their house for sale and that they are looking for something like our place. She'd like to build, but he doesn't want to. And we are so close to everything here, from first school to college, even university is not too far. and we're walking distance from the mall but it doesn't feel like we're so close to all that trafic. I'll keep praying. it's not an offer yet but there's hope. but now i'm wondering, if he decide that they are not interrested and don't make an offer, is that still my sign?

I guess time will tell, he'll be coming over in 2 days to get his computer virus checked and look at the house.

Chantal, believing that everything should go well if it's God's will

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Oh the View

For the past few days' that's all i've been thinking about, The View. i gues you would have to be there to understand.

Friday, we went to see one more house. probably the last in a while, since we were gonna put the house hunting on the back burner again. i feel bad for the estate agent that help us look around. he work so hard for us and then we always end up saying, we're gonna wait some more. wait, wait...

oh, i can't say that we havn't seen some gorgeous house before. sure there was a few. but the price was ah hem! nice too. but this one. when we stepped out of the van. i was so taken by the view. it got to be one of the most beautiful view i ever saw comming with a house. high up overlooking the bay of fundy. oh so beautiful. i guess i'm loosing all my ability to use objectivity when i looked at the house.

there are cracks in the stone masonery, the kitchen is ubber small, witha wonderful view of the bay at the sink. there is barely any room to eat, unless we convert the livingroom into the diningroom. and the office into the livingroom. then, the listing say there are 4 bedroom, but we could only count 3... we are already using the 3 bedroom and will need more if i get pregnant again. the roof need reshingling. the house need new siding and new windows. and if your cooking, hope you don't have to go to the loo in a hurry, cause you have to go all the way throught the house, up the staires and then a few more paces. the barn is not falling apart, there are still some animals in it but it need some TLC too. but the view is astonishing.

the View is what i have in mind all the time no matter what i see in the house. altho i'm unsettled about finding a water cooler in the kitchen. this house is hooked up on well water. what's wrong with the water? we want to get out of the city so we can have good water on tap. not having to keep carrying big water bottles back and forth. so i'm really wondering about that. the kid said that his parents got the water tested not long ago. hope to hear about the results soon.

so after seeing the size and condition of the house we thought about the first house we saw last year. it was about to go in the hands of the bank due to bankrupcy. and it would be out of the market for 3 months. i thought about it again. its a big house with 6 bedroom. there was a few things i had issues about but over all it only needed roof redone and windows. plus it's a finished basement. not the same wonderfull view but a good sturdy house with enough room that we don't have to think about expanding someday.

then we started to think about it and how it would be ok. but the location is in alittle town with not much to do. not a problem for me so much but i think about our kids and how they might have not enough to keep them out of trouble there. altho there are plenty of wood to heat the house and a river running at the back. no barn but a big garage that can fit a few vehicules and lots of junk or hobbies. and no pastures. just a fairly large backyard but nothing i'd call a pasture.

So i'm torn apart, the view keep calling me and sackville has much more to offer. but the house is needing a lot of TLC. it has some fenced pastures and plenty of room to grow lots of stuff. and even more wood. and the view is so nice. but how could we afford all the renovation and the possible expanssion?

Where does the reality start and the dream end? anyone can help me make up my mind?

Chantal, Struck by the View

Friday, February 17, 2006

Saw a few more houses today

The first house we saw was in memremcook, nice location, elevated enough not to worry about flooding, but oh my, how the floors are crooked, they all have their own slope facing diferent direction. can't hold it against them that the bed was in the dining room right off the living room, there come an age when steps are not an option, even when all the bedroom are up there. i suppose it's still better then the one with the dead mouse in it, yeah. pretty interresting houses we've been seeing. no wonder i started considering building new again.

the second house we saw today was so nice, i think it was the nicest we saw so far overall. maybe not the nicest house in absolute. but in very good condition with enough room, and some out building that are not treatening to fall like most other one we saw. the barn was actualy very nice and sturdy too. and had some inabitant so Owen had the chance to make is first encounter of the bovine kind. he also had a chance to see a real piano for the first time. make me regret selling mine. he seemed to like it.

the third one was nice too, mostly but had a muddy basement and altho we thought it had 200 acres of wood land, it was only near the house that there was wood, behind that, it was all cut. and the house burn 12 cords of wood, wich a lot. and on the way to this house, i found out that we had forgotten the diaper bag at home :

how can we forget such a thing? with a toddler and a 8 months old? oddly enough, she kept fairly dry and didn't want to eat either. all it seem she made a big fuss about is that she was too warmly bundled. the whole weat rolls i bought at the big stop irving was a good investment though. kept our stomack from grumbling and Owen in a good mood the whole trip.

Now if we can only find a happy medium between afordability and our dreams. that will be great. or maybe we just need to win the lottery :p unless i can get in a good business oportunity that i could do at home, that would be sweet.

Chantal, house hunting continue

Saturday, February 11, 2006

House hunting

Once more, we've started going to look at houses, hoping to find the one that we can call home. at first i always feel the rush and the urge, then after a few houses, it's the disenchantement. too small, too run down, not enough land, or too expensive, still not big enough or way too far. blah!

then i start thinking, what if we just got land and built the house that suits us. but we're talking money we don't have. we thought about in law suite too but maybe we're just dreaming.

i guess we're gonna go see more house next week. keep you posted


Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Censored News?

My DH sent me a link and after reading a bit, found it quite of interesting value. i thought i'd share the link with you. there was one in particular that conserned Canada, and makes me wonder if the elections even matter.

i'd also want to make you ponder the true origin or mother's day . because even if we're a few months away from mother's day, i think if we should honor it's true meaning, we'd have to pass the word early enough so woman everywhere could get together to unite their prayers for peace and show solitarity for the ones who are mourning their loved ones because of terror, wars and opression.

Please pass the word around