Monday, November 27, 2006

Big Stop

over a week ago, we were driving along toward my inlaw's and talking away when we spotted an helicopter high and far. Andy started going on how it would be nice to have one to go to work. sur it would as long as it don't stall, cause if it stop up there, there's nothing keeping you up, unlike a plain that has wings and can glide. still wouldn't have to worry about slippery roads in the middle of winter though.

Dear hubby was a bit on the tired side and felt it would be better to make a pitstop at tim horton. as we near the drive through, i say, speaking of chopper... here's one, how odd of a place for it? oh wait! it's the helicopter we just saw a few minutes ago. and they're going for a coffee. ha! and there's even a paved landing spot marked and all for them, imagine that!

i'm not making this up, here. i even took some pictures.
Chantal, happy on the ground

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Here i am at 5 O'clock in the morning

Gah, nothing as romantic as the song would imply here. or was it 4 am? there might be a song for both time tho and i was up at that time too. left my computer at around what? 11:30 or so to nurse baby... fell asleep and woke up to a cold house, brrrrr, fire's out, not even some good ambers to keep it going, Oh joy! i have to start it all over again, that's why i'm here you see. cause i have to baby it for a while to make sure it takes well and add bigger stuff to it gradualy, yaddy yaddy yadda, YAY! got to love it. but i guess i shouldn't complain, i was the one who was looking forward to wood heat.

so yeah, i'm here, it's early, too early in the morning, and i have to go in town with the kids again today. Owen is having his first apointment for the service of ABA. this one is in town but i hope most of it will happen at home.

in our trip in town today, or errr, rather yesterday, i got myself a new watch. i felt that i will need one with all those apointments in and out of town. like, when we go in town, we can drop him off with the interventionist for his 4 hour thing, then go do our errands and come back when he's done... don't want to forget him there for longer then needed. that remind me, we should also look into picking up a cell phone so we can be reached if something happen during that 4 hour and we are needed back sooner then expected.

oups, sound like Vivian woke up again and andy's up too, i better go back up, fire seem to be well now

good morning!

Friday, November 17, 2006

Am I really that good?

maybe i calmed down a bit hehe

You Are a Very Good Girl

You are 90% Good and 10% Bad
You're a perfect angel - almost impossibly so
Don't you ever feel like being a little bad?!?

Monday, November 13, 2006

I ku, you ku, sudoku

it's a bit rough since dear husband is working a few more shift then usual but so far, still alive.
the kids are getting some fussy at time. hard to keep up with them. i guess i can't really blame vivian though, she's got 4 molars comming out at once wich make for rough nights and some iritability during the day. got the embasol and tylenol, not much more i can do.

a few days ago, my mom said she got into sudoku and said it was quite easy.
- easy? did you say easy? i can't be bothered with them. i don't have that kind of patience.
- no honest, it's easy.
- bah! ok, that's nice.
- once you know how to do them, it goes very fast
- i tried and it's not my thing
- i'll bring you my book i bought...

sure enough she brought it today and got to read the instructions and i did learn a few details that evaded me before. so armed with better knowledge i grab my weapon of sudokie and sudoaway to it. don't try to stop me, i'm sudocentring, the ku is with me. wayaah. that's it? ok, so i can do it now. i can now officialy inform to Nancy and Tina that i can sudoku too. so i guess next time you guys have a sudorace, i don't really have the excuse of it going over my head. lathough i'm just a newkubie. i've only done 2 this afternoon so far. and pen and paper is quite nicer then i thought it would be.

just to let you know tho, my mom offered to leave me the book but i insisted she take it back, i don't want to have that kind of convenience tempting me to sudoku all day long. i don't find it all that trilling, but it's how can i say that? it, it takes your brains off of other things.

chantal, kunikuku

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I'm just a mother, i don't get paid for my work!

Breath in, Breath out, Breath in, Breath out.....

am i stressed? no, maybe, i dunno anymore. Breath in, Bread out..... maybe i'm too tired to realise i'm stressed? if my hands weren't hurting and so useless, i'd pick up an ax and i'd go mad on some trees in the back.

i'm not angry, it's just peoples that don't make sense to me. ok, maybe i have a beef. first of all, my husband already have a messed up shift of 8 day cycle... making it tricky for apointments, and with the kids, you can bet there are apointments...

now that's not so bad, i have printed out a special callendar that follow me everywhere with his schedule so i know when it's ok to take apointments. now, there's this guy that work on a machine my dear husband used to work on and my husband got quite good at it, that's probably why they kept him so long on it and call him back there whenever there's a problem, and that guy just happens to have trouble handling it, so yes, he's going to help him and to top it of, he's on a different shif so it's gonna mess up our schedule. who asked me if it mattered? you can bet on it, no one. but that's ok, i'll just print an other schedule that's gonna be effective for how long? who knows, it could be just a few weeks or indefinately if they decide to can the guy at his evaluation in a week and need to take the time to find and train someone new. so how do i plan in the mean time? i don't know, eccept i'm gonna have to call and cancel or move some apointments. cause dear husband will work his first 2 day shift and then hop on the other guy's 2 day, 2 night's shift. not sure how it will work if he goes back to his shift. blah!

now i got an other issue about work, yes one issue is not enough. you see, there's one guy at work, not even on dear husband's shift but he decided that everybody was gonna lose 18 hours if the factory shut down for remembrance day. because you see, if they work it, they get paid double time and a half. but only regular time if they don't work it. so he convinced everybody to request keeping the boxs flying out of those machine on remembrance day. i say, if the 11th was just a regular day, he'd just be paid regular time anyway, so taking the day off is not losing anything so the guy is just a greedy loud mouth. are we gonna start losing all our stat holydays because of 1 person?

please hold me back when i see this guy on the 10th at the celebration dinner prepared to highlight the 10th anniversary of the factory. hold me cause i'd tell him my 2 cents. cause oh yeas i'm gonna see him there and yes i already know who he is cause my husband and i worked with him at a previous job. is money really more important then spending time with the family? i should be getting his extra time and a half, i tell ya. and i was just saying last night that i could use a vacation, i bet my mom could use one too, but i'm so gonna need her on that big string of days. she should be entitled to a time and a half check worth too.

2 hours later and dear husband decided to cancel our attendance to the 10th anniversary dinner. all work and no fun. i suddently feel a wave of grumpiness invading me. *growl* it's amazing how many decisions can be made without concerting with me?

Chantal, euh, yeah, i'm a mom, that's it that's all, thank you

Sunday, November 05, 2006

An invitation

i want to invite you to join the christianforum
there are topics for everyone

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Happy All Saint's day!!!

Yes, today the saints are all celebrating in Heaven and praying for us. not too sure of what to make of all halo's eve. it seems it's been distorted and overly comercialized, and i am totaly turned off by comercialism. call me wierd, that's ok with me.

today we had to be in town for a few apointments, chiropractitioner for me and then the speach terapist for owen and again, our kids, i tell ya, they can provide for a good unexpected laugh at times. the therapist was olding a yello lego block asking him if it was yellow, vivian was nursing at the time and the question was asked a few time with owen just staring without saying anything. then spontanously, vivian turned around in one motion saying in her most articulate way, "oui!!!"(yes) it cracked us all up.

after the apointment, we were walking back to the minivan when i spotted a pumpkin by a dorstep, making me state again how i find it sad that pumpkins are trown away and none can be bought after haloween. Dear husband said, well, why don't you just go and aske them if you can have it?
-no, i don't think so
-you got nothing to lose in asking
-i don't even think there's anyone home
-just go

so i finaly decide, why not? and i go knock at the door

-excuse me, are you going to do anything with that pumpkin?
- no, why, what do you do with it?
- soup, cake, juice....
- ah yeah, well, you can have it
- Really? wow, thank you

walked away with a huge pumpking in my arms and pleasantly surprised at how easily someone would part kindly with their pumpkin...

and a few house later, i see an other huge one. i look at Andy and say, oh an other one, but i can't carry 2. he said it was ok, he'd carry one :D

so i went again... and just like the first, they had no problem parting with it, Oh Joy! this is even funner then trick or treating hehe. you might think it's quite similar except daylight and no costume. but no, it's really totaly different. those kids get the same thing you can get year round in the store and in smaller size, just a big load of it if they hit the right doors. what i got, was a very underapreciated, rarity, yes, only once a year can you get it, and i was sad to think that i would only be able to make that delicious pumpkin soup again next year. pumpkin are loaded with vitamin A and other goodness, and they keep very well for a long time without need for refrigeration. after that i was beaming of joy. so happy to bring my treasure home and primed to go to other doors. but Andy said it was enough and i needed to prove i could make use of all that before considering getting more next year, but if i failed to use it all, that would remain my limit.

we also went to sign for the health insurance policy switch over. i felt at first we were not getting much for it but i had the drug plan explained to me and i realised it was really not as bad as i tought.

Owen didn't have a good day with toys today. first at the office, the HR person gave him a car that winds up and not knowing, he wound it up to the max and it made a noise that made him burst crying. then at the autism resource center, while i was talking with the person in charge, owen was going through the toys in one of the bins, and suddently he came to us screaming in panick, holding a fluffy, fuzzy long blue haired thing that was vibrating at the end of both fully extended arms clenched to it in total terror. and to top it off, while loading the van with the groceries, he sneaked up behind me while i was pivoting with a grocery bag that contained 2 big cans of pea soup which naturaly had to hit him square in the face, outch! not a good day. no, i don't think he enjoyed it one bit.

at least tomorrow, we have nowhere to go, so i'm going to try to get some rest before hubby returns to work the day after

Chantal, one more day that hits the fan. there's some good and there's some bad, it all blows in the wind and garnish our fading memories.