Monday, November 28, 2005

Those boots are made for walking

So let em!

ok, it's probably more about sleep deprivation then anything else. I find my dream land much more vivid when i have been short on sleep for a while. maybe it's just my brain trying to jam more dream material in less time. but it sure makes for wierd events. even tho they are not real, or are they?

i woke up this afternoon, after driving to one of my uncle's place with my old cavalier (a true winter beater) and park it at the end of their driveway, more like a mini mall's parking lot it seems. and i enter to see some of my cousins but they already have plan to go somewhere and are about to leave. so i take the door with them, i notice i'm not waring my shoes. one of my cousin offer me to drive me across the parking lot to my car, it's now raining pretty hard. but i decide to go back inside to get my shoes even tho, they say i wont find them again. bah, how can this be, i just dropped them by the door on my way in?

i walk in, it's more of an old school now. a bit more dark and gloomy. i go to a room beside the office where there's several lost object, and with my tunel vision, spot a few different pairs of shoes befor to see mine. so i put em on and grab my wallet, wich i also had forgotten?

ever had this experience you're in a room or a setting and nothing really change but all of a sudden your in a totaly different place? like a different city or house or what not?

anyway, i walk out the house, make it through the parking lot, and now my car would be across the street but it's not there anymore. aparently now it was parked at a garage's parking lot and i walked in to inquire only to find out they dismanteled it for parts. they advise me that there's no point in calling the police, after all polices have car too and get service from them. So aparently they would turn their blind eye on my issue. so i walk out, in the rain and start to walk away. out of frustration i scream, IT'S AN AWFULL AND PISSY DAY, BUT EVERYTHING IS TICKA DEE BOO!!!! *SIGH* and with that sigh of relieve, everything is just so wonderfully normal again. sunny, peoples walking on the sidewalks with sign that they heard me screaming.

there i am, walking in the sun shine, with my boots, heading back toward home in a good mood.
waking up like this was nice, nevermind all the previous struggle, its all ticka dee boo hehe and i keep having those thought looping through my mind. hmmm, could it be about how the past few days have been so hecktic and out of sort, with the kids not cooperating so much for their naps and nights... DS was tired too tired to know what he wanted and everything was upsetting him, so i held and bounced him for quite some time. and the night was though too. My mom had left asking if i planned on going to mass in the morning. i replied, yes if the kids would let me sleep a cescent night.

now i don't even remember all or even most except that at 5am after nursing my DD, i was thursty and didnt' want to go back in the room to risk waking up my DS. so i went in the kitchen with my DD in my arms to get a glass in the cupboard, but instead of finding a tall glass, it was 2 short one and the bottom one fell on the counter in a shattering smash and there was glass cristals all over. i had to walk carefully out to put her down so i could sweep that mess and get me something to drink.

There i am at 5am sweeping glass tid bits on the floor remembering my hope for a good night sleep and seeing how ironic it was that it could be one of the worst nights i could think of. walking through broken glass bare feet, shoes would've been nice. regardless, i decided to go to mass after all. it's the first sunday of advent, the 4 weeks leading to Christmas. after that, everything seemed much better and the following night also.

My mom remind me often that she would like me to do more around the house. i would like that too, but often, i'm too tired, really. so i'm thinking, maybe i'm not ment to drive on the highway of life, but i got my boots and walking through life is not making anyone a lesser person.

My house may be messy, i might not do all the stuff others do but i got a wonderfull family. and if those boots are made for walking, that's just what i will do.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

There will be no hornet in the house

Or anything that make a buzzing sound

after hearing a lot of good about the Baby Einstein serie and how kids loves it. i decided to give it a try and see how my son would like it. so after breakfast, we come downstairs, i pop the dvd in and, DS is fascinated by the animals, apear very eager to learn all about what he's seeing, that's great!

Then come lunch time, we eat and follow with his nap. DD wake up early this afternoon, so we go downstairs to leave DS napping peacefully. 30 minutes later, we hear him wake up, run to the coutch and then burst crying. i go pick him up and take him back to the basement. and he hold dear to me in his tears and sobs for quite some time. I offer to watch the Baby Einstein's animals of the world again, wich he show some interrest again and calms down.

So we watch some animals here and there until, a girafe puppet start plaing the kazoo, then it all came unravelling again in a long painfull sad roll of tears. Good thing my mom was here to hold DD because DS stayed in my arms till suppertime.

please no bees, no hornets or kazoo for my Gizoux

Friday, November 25, 2005

Call me no more

I guess i can only wish

I know i'm in for it, especialy when they ask for my maiden name. I know then that it's a telemarketer, and they ramble on and on, no bother asking if i have the time or if i'm interrested, they blurt it all out. most of the time, they catch me in a bad time, one when Owen's acting up and Vivian is being vocal in my arms. i can barely make out what they are saying.

you know they are reading and you know they have quite a way to go. do you dare interupt them? you can try, sometime it work, some other time, they start again from the top. i mannaged to evade Sears for a few weeks, they tried to call 7 times! it must be quite important? so i finaly decide to try to hear what they want so we can get it over with. oh why did i bother? shouldn't it be illegal to make a pitch that long? they should have 10 second to state their case MAX. is it just me or their pitch is getting longer then it used to? i supose it depend who's calling but is that all that is wrong with telemarketing herasment? she didnt' even ask me if i was interrested, she just affirmed that she needed to confirm my personal information so she could ship the package to my house! oh no mahm, i'm not interrested.
-why aren't you interrested.....
like i owe them an explanation?
-no, i can't afford it.
after all, $26/month is quite a bit for some sort of personal insurance from a credit card (Sears)
-that's ok, we have an other package for $16/month
-no, can't afford it
- ... $9/month
they just don't know when to quit?
-no, we're broke ( do i have to spell it?) we're already living behond our means.
there, you're happy? i said it, yes we are totaly broke and struggling with our present bills. no need for more thank you

i guess i'm more patient then i thought today, cause there are some time when i hung up on Double Day Book club or let them talk and leave the room. i even considered letting my 2 years old talk hehe, he just love talking on the phone. am i just too cruel? after some thought, maybe not enough. look like i can find some interresting ideas of how to make their next call more entertaining. I just found this on google and will probably find more later hehe

if my phone number could ware a warning sign, it would say "beware, mean mom" mouaahahaahaha!

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Sunday, November 20, 2005

You know it's cold when...

your DH bring home that coffee mug that was on the fense for a few weeks and it's full, frozen solid with a ladybug on top.

you DH let the mormons in, just so they can warm up.

and my brain's like an ice cube.

thats it for now, DD just woke up
nite nite

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Call me Mommy Potato Head

one day i had this bright idea to stick a Mr. Potato Head mouth in my mouth to amuse my 2 years old. and YES! he liked it, so much so, that now, he insist on sticking it in my mouth almost every time he play with his spud. Here mom *pop*. i tried to take it off, but it must stay in. oh yeah, he'll make sure to put it back where "it belong" cause, that's right where it belong, on mommy potato head. sometime i get silly and take pictures, this time he stuck a pink tongue in mommy potato head. i didn't think much of it but apparently it scared my good friend Nancy for a moment when she saw the picture. hehehe

I suppose i should do a follow up on my last post since i recieved a reply from superstore's atlantic wholesalers.
here's what i was told

Good Afternoon,

Thank you for your email. I have checked with
our GM department to see what was around nationally and unfortunately we are
completely "sold out" of the DVD's. Sorry about the frustration this causes.
Thank you for your time and understanding.

kinda wierd cause the first dvd we have, we got over a year ago when they had that promotion, now they have it again, they stuff it in all the diaper box but they can't find any spare one. i guess i'll just hope to find some parents that can trade duplicates with me.

oh wow, i just figured out how this quote thing work hehe

i want to make each fall a tradition of taking familly pictures. the only problem so far is, that i am the photographer : i still mannaged some descent pictures, but i realized it get more complicated with 2 kids. so next year i hope to be able to team up with an other family to make it easier and more succesful.

there's an online mistery puzzle game that my DH and i have been playing in the past and they finaly came up with the next room, yay, it was a fun play but now i can hardly wait for the next one. it's called, Logan's mistery of time and space and it pushes lot of imaginative puzzle solving neuron into a stir. i love it. there's also an other one in the same style called the crimson room and the viridian room.

I just found out they have a new game out also and i thought i'd give it a try. i have to admit, i'm not much of a ninja at all, not sure i'll make it to the next level. i'm laughing too much. that little ninja is hillarious.

so i pulled out my personal gym a few nights ago. nights might not be the best time to work out, but the only time i have. and i don't plan on making long workout, probably 15 minutes at most. not really looking at losing weight yet unless nursing takes care of it. if only i can get my ab muscles back where they belong for now, i'll be happy. cause right now i look 5 months pregnant and my DD is 5 months old. hmmm, is 5 supposed to mean something to me? cause that's also the size diaper that both DD and DS are waring. and no, i don't just buy one size to save up money, that's exacly what they both fit comfortably.

time for this potato head's work out now

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Hmmm, did i miss an episode?

I must have...

after dragging my tired self through the day, with 2 teething kids and memere that decided all the cat hairs had to go, get a post i wrote in the morning published in the afternoon. my leisures often have to take a halt on a dime. and we're out of diapers. we had the good intention of using cotton diapers but it seems my DD 's rash, not a big one but one that is quite sensitive to moisture. do better with paper diapers.

We like to use Teddy's choice, the superstore's home brand. DH forget to get them on his first trip so he rush back out before he has a chance to swallow his last bite of supper. There's a promotion going with it presently. they have DVDs for kids in it from Franklin the turtle and the Berenstain Bears. We just got the 4th duplicate today. I went on Atlantic Superstore's website to e-mail them, see what they could do for me. euh, yeah. it took me so long to find an email address, that i had more to tell them then i anticipated once to it. with all that trouble i went through i have the urge to save it. yeah, i think i'll even post it. here it is:

i had 1 question to begin with but now that i came to this site to look for a way to ask my question, i have 2 questions. first, we buy the teddy's choice diappers, the big boxes with the dvd promotion in it. we already have 6 dvds but 4 of em are the same one. is there a way to get the whole collection?
second question, i guess it's more of a comment... i had a verry hard time finding an e-mail address on the website, it took me more then an houre. seriously, i click the question/talk to us link and it gives the street address and the phone number, but only say that the e-mail address is out there on the website. an e-mail link in the talk to us/question page would be greatly apreciated and time saving.
thank you for your attention


after all that is done, vegging sound like a good plan. i'm looking forward to just sit here and chat with my longtime msn buddy. oddly enough, and after being the fist to blog today, Crazymrsnancy tells me i need to blog again. Again? yeah, it wasn't long enough she said. she's still craving for more, left on her apetite... *scratch head* my eyeballs are sinking in and a numb feeling is surrounding my brain. again? *sigh* why? is this a competition? after 2 days of blogglessness, *scratch head again* euh, i lost my words. yeah i'm ablsolutely tired? cabin feavered but too tired to care. i start seeing lines through the text so i'm not gonna bother looking back behind the cursor ok? making sense? i dunno. she blogged! yay, ok *shake* i think i'm becoming a blogg junky. rush to read her blog... hmmm? wait a minute??? i realise something here. she's just sharing with me the pressure she's been served from dear scatterbrain.

what do i have to do with it? true my post this morning was verry short, but it already made little sense. is more of that nonsense gonna be any better? i havn't even found my style or my rythme yet. and what do i have to add to today? NOTHING, nothing happened, really, a plain as usual would be boring if it wasn't for the joy my kids bring to me day. altho i would probably get more tangible things accomplished. i begin to grasp the feeling i know why my grandmother used to retell her stories over and over again no more then 10 minute after she finished with it. and a wave of greater admiration grow for her. i can't even dream of accomplishing one tenth of her feat. there's so much i wish i could ask her.

i guess i should stop now as i doubt anyone could bare to read this far.
today, i think i lost a marble

When the cows come home

And the pigs, the chicken and their eggs!

OK so DH is working overtime, again. blah! good thing is, its only for the morning. unfortunately its farmers market morning. good thing is, my mom it comming over. Unfortunately, DD grew so fast she doesn't fit in the infant car seat and i don't have a spare seat for her to go in my mom's car, so i'm homebound. the good thing is, my mom is going to stop at the market on her way here. Yay we'll have food!

don't know what i'll be good for today, didn't get much sleep and i have one word for that: Teething!


Monday, November 07, 2005

Geyzer meat loaf

here i am at midnight, waiting for food to cook. it seem like it's the easiest time to get things like that done, once the kids are in bed. i wasn't planning on finishing so late, but that cabbage casserol is a bigger enterprize then i anticipate each time. and i'm trying to make meatloaf that will make nice sandwich material. after an hour in the oven i think it should be cook. to make sure, i poke it with the thermometer, 90, 100, 120, 125... 140, ok ground beef should reach 180 F so back to the oven you go! pluck the thermometer and wooosh! juice comme gushing uppppp, nooooo i want ya to stay juicy and i shove the thermometer back in it. i hope it is oven safe.

suppertime brought back memories of when as a kid i used to drink pop with my cousines, we'd tell jokes to each other and end up bursting into laughter while swalloing a mouthfull, projecting the fizz into our noses. waaah! except this time, there was no laughter and no pop. just my home made crackers. i'm not too sure what happened myself, just that when i went to blow my nose, there were crumbs flying out. : not even sure why i felt like writing about it either?

Thank you Nancy for leaving a comment, my verry first comment, YAY! i had the intention to post more often, but things get hecktick and yet its quite the routine. I don't have much time to myself and i don't really have much exciting news to talk about. or maybe i just don't have the ability to remember them. i have a hard time remembering what i ate for supper if it wasn't for those crackers. *sniff, sniff, sneeze* Thank you for trying to encourage me to keep up with my blog, although i think you're the only one reading my posts. well, maybe you and my DH, i cought him reading my blog once hehe.

i should be in bed now, i think it's all cooked. just that i'll have to move my DS from my bed. he has been pretty good lately at going to sleep in his own bed. since we only allow him to lay down on the coutch or rock for 15 minutes and lead him to his bed, bedtime has been going much smoother. except tonight, him and DD seem more restless lately. Is there a storm comming or something?

Time to call it a night

Tuesday, November 01, 2005


wich translate to mosquito-grasshopper... this is a combinaison of word my dear 2 year old son use with his joyfull light hearted voice that, well i'm not sure where he came up with that but it sound almost like it should be a mythological bug. i'm debating wether it's suppose to jump or bite. i'm also trying to figure out what "askwee" is suposed to mean, he use it fairly often in different situations repeatedly. he has a gift to surprise me at random out of the blue.

like my mom yesterday when she showed up to help me while Andy's at work. She announced me about a secret crush she has, or had, cause it's not secret anymore. this week end she walked up to him to let him know. I must admit, it feel wierd at time, i feel like i have a teenaged mom of sixty something. even wierder that i say i've been there, done the mistakes and learned from them but try to tell her that?!!! she seem more cautious lately. and me keeping her busy probably help keep her out of trouble.

I should mention that my mom is a devoted catholic who value verry much her faith. now, in the tradition of the church to ask saints to pray for us, she has been asking a particular Saint, who like to send roses to those who's prayer have been heard by God. when i was single and carless, i prayed that God would help me find a good reliable, affordable car. and incidentaly the car i bought had a little rose hanging from one of the visor. the loan guy at the caisse pop came to pick up the check from the first car i was gonna buy but chose not to and after chattting at the door for a little while decided to increase my loan aproval limit, which made it possible for me to look for a car in the price range of the one with the little rose i found not long after.

ok, i sidetracked. what i was gonna say is that my mom have been praying for a while to find a good man. last month, one of my cousin was getting married, i would've liked to be there, but with hubby working and 2 kids to look after and a tooth absess, i felt better staying home. what i'm getting at, is when the bride throws the bouquet... all the single ladies goes to catch it, some insisted that my mom goes too. so she went and stood behing the hords of eager bouquet catchers. the ceiling was low and the bride threw the bouquet low and fast. and guess who got it smack in the face? yep... my mom and they were real, fresh roses.

seem to have discouraged the next group of catchers though, the guys snobbed the gerter. untill one of my cousin went around it twice before to pick it up from the floor. so who know what will happen next hehe

so needless to say, yesterday my mom was all giddy and ready to eat my daughters plump cheeks.

all i got left to say for tonight is maringouin-sautrelle
not sure we need a hopping bloodsucker