Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day

and a special day it was!

first, i get to see some animal drag a scarf or something across the driveway, or so i thought hehe. with closer look i realise it's a mother duck with a row of duckling following her

it was getting quite far by the time i was able to grab the camera, it's not a very clear picture.

then at mass i get a vision while praying, very beautiful... but sorry, no pics. then i got back home and i play a bit with the rubic cube i bought friday for the kids... and i finishe it for the first time in my life, ever... with some instruction mind you but even then when i was a kid we had a cube and an instruction book on how to solve it... a book! and i never mannaged. this one came with one page instruction hehe

durring my nap, my dear husband come and get me because he's over his head, trying to get the kids in the house and there's a hummingbird in our kitchen!

if that's not special enough that i was able to take an upclose pictur of it... i was even able to toutch it before it flew away.
what are the odds of one person toutching the fasted bird there is?

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Wildernes Bliss

Unless you feel like you've swallowed a porkupine. noting too pleasant. i'm so sick of colds. seems Owen catch one everytimes he goes to the center, and then he gives it to us. i'm taking a break.

aside from that, we did see a porkupine last week i think. i'm losing track of time. i'm so frazzled. but here's a pic.

This sunday afternoon, i was gearing for my afternoon nap, when i realised all i was able to do was stare at the ceiling fan and wonder at the beautiful blue sky outside. so i got up and we went for a walk on our trail. not much eventfull, Vivian was tired and couldn't walk straight on the way back so we carried her for part of the way. but i did see a hoof print, and i thought it was a dear track, but my mother thought it was more the size of a moose. now that got me worried about going back on the trail by myself. I was hopping to start walking every day and use our back wood trail but with the prospect of seeing a moose. i opted for the road the next day.

on my way back from my walk the second day on the road, i came across one of my dear neybor. we talked for a while and she reassured me not to worry about moose or even bears for the most part. they're usualy shy and will get out of their way to avoid us if we make some noise, like singing hehe

so the next day i went on the trail again. it was nice but it looks much shorter when walking it without the kids. i didn't see the hoof print again, but i remembered to bring my camera this time and took a few pictures of nature.

this is what i think is an animal track beside my foot

the river looking upstream

the river looking downstream, the tree across is the dandy work of a beaver

you can see again, the tree across the river, that one was down when we went for our walk on sunday. the one across the path, blocking access to the river was fell since then... busy beaver

and this is our trail with the river at my back... facing my way home

so i'm planning to walk everyday as much as possible. although, there's also the garden that will require some of my time soon. there's a man that came with his tractor tiller yesterday and started tilling when he realised the soil was too wet, so he'll have to come back a bit later. we hadn't really decided how big to make it, but after putting sticks near the spot where the grape vines and the asparagus were, the man ended up ripping up a patch 20'x50'. i think it will be big enough hehe