Sunday, October 30, 2005

Where's my gray poupon?

My dear friend Nancy and her DH tried gray poupon and did not like it one bit so I offered to take it off their hands and sample it, tell my experience and pass it on to the next person to say what they think of it. after all, someting called gray baby got to make you wonder about the bouquet.

my brick, my bread, didn't turn out too bad, the crust is tough, hurt my teeth trying to take a bite off the heal. but what's inside turned out pretty eddible. a bit dense but acceptable.

yesterday i started washing wool again. i still have 40lbs of unwashed wool and I tell ya, sheep are dirty business. it's full of hay stuff, bugs and sheep poop, yep, dirty i tell ya, they lay in their poop and it stick all around their coat. if you thought sheep were nice white and fluffy, sorry for distroying that idea.

and what do i plan to do with all that wool? a mattress! yep, a futon mattress. call me crazy, it's a lot of work and i'm no where as far along as i expected i would be. lots of things take the back burner when you have kids. but i think it's worth it.

I have this strong yearning for natural things, if i can make it myself, even more so. there are some adventages to our "higly advenced technological society" but it also has it's downfalls. I think a lot of peoples believe i lost my marbles. my point of view is that our north american culture is more like a lack of culture, we've abandoned and long forgotten our ways and traded them for "convenience" that bring their own set of problems. we came to believe our ways are "the norm" but 2/3 of the world think differently. they held to traditional wisdom and think we are the ones doint things backward. so i like it when some information from the old ways come to shatter my knowledge and make me ponder a "new to me" way of seeing/doing things.

so yesterday, in the process of washing my wool i thought, a strainer would be a nice thing to use but i don't want to use one from the kitchen. straining food in a strainer that has been used to strain sheep poopied wool is not apealing to me. so i figured i could make one, i have a brass hoop, a small dowel and some twine. i started last night and finished it this afternoon and I'm pretty proud of the result.

also today, i found out how to separate the lanolin from the wool, pretty neat. i also learned that dust mites don't like to live in wool. an other bonus for wool mattress and for allergy sufferers.

today was a beautifull day and we took adventage of it to do a family photo session. wasn't all that easy considering i'm the photograph and we foregone the nap in faver of the picture shooting. may i say what happen to a 2 year old who doesn't take his nap? you can expect sqwat from them. nothing, nada, forget it, they wont cooperate. i mannaged a few freestyle, but the traditionnal whole family in the leaves didn't work out too well. on the plus side, he was in bed early this evening, expecialy that we were changing the time 1 hour back last night.

I can probably think of other things to say but i need to take a break and find something to eat.

I smell mooootard

Friday, October 28, 2005

I'm feeling lucky

As if trying to make soda cracker for the first time wasn't enough, I decided to try and make whole weat bread. The soda crakers turned out OK, but i can be just as satisfied with pie crust crackers and a whole lot less trouble. still 15 minutes left for the bread to bake. hope it's not gonna turn into bricks... I'm somewhat nervous.

I better go check on those bricks, euh, i mean loafs and see what I labored for today.

a little crisp on the edge

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Ok now i've done it

So yeah! i broke down and started a blog page, look like my webpage I worked so hard at creating is not getting much use. so I'm lazy, or buzy, or both. I'm not even sure i'll use this blog thing more then I'm doing with my website. time will tell I guess. unless I catch the blog virus that is going around and start having verbal diareah.

I think we're supposed to do something this evening, like get some water and maybe trade my base guitare for something. it's a bit of a shame, it's quite a good base and I like it, but my hand can't handle it or much of anything for that matter. I feel like part of me is... hmmm maybe not that bad, i never really played much on the base cause i didn't have anyone to play with or an amp for that matter hehe. I guess i miss more my piano and it remind me of getting rid of it and i'm effraid i'm gonna have the same regret.

Ick! I think i can start feeling that verbal diareah brewing, i better stop now

Until later