Sunday, March 26, 2006

Sitting on edge

it's only the second house we make an offer to, and since we made the offer friday and it's a bank repo, the bank is closed on the weekend and they can only reply to our offer on monday morning. I thought waiting 24h for an answer was bad enough. I tried not to think too much about it yesterday. but this evening, the waiting is anguishing me.

I had a hard time getting as entousiastic about this house because the land is no where near as nice. but on the other hand, the house is much better and more suitable for our growing needs. and there is a river running at the back of the propriety. i suppose we should go take a walk down there sometime this week. unless we're outbided and there's no chance to redeem ourself.

the house was only listed the day before we went to see it thursday and we were the first to see it. there were 2 or 3 other couples that went to see it before we even made an offer but yet there were no other offer made yet. there was an other couple going to see it yesterday and i guess we're gonna find out tomorrow if they decided to make an offer.

it is a nice house but it has a lot of overdue maintenance. nothing i'm worried about but it could scare some buyers... i hope
what would you think of a place that need:

  • new roofing
  • new windows
  • driveway need fixing
  • side metal stares have no support on one side at the foot of the stares.
  • the lanterns on the cement posts along the driveway look totaly rundown
  • there's a deadbolt but no doorknob on the entrance door
  • the staires are tiled but the edge of a few are missing the trim
  • a hole in the bathroom door
  • some solarium glass panes are cracked
  • the jacuzy might need replacing, meaning the windows have to be replaced at same time cause it will be the only way out for the jacuzy and back in for the new tub.
  • the en suite bathroom need be totaly torn down and redone, too much mildew on the walls and ceiling.
  • hard wood floor has a few burns in one of the room and nasty scratches in the master bedroom.
  • a few missing ceiling acoustic tiles in the basement
  • a tiled fireplace cassing with a pipe sticking out but no fireplace
  • the driveway will have to be broken up and dug for drainage near the house since it used to be a garage at basement level and will have to be filled.

that's all i can think of right now hehe not sure i feel like going to bed tho, but then again, if i mannage to sleep, time will go faster.

my uncle had advised to bid low, i hope it will work for us.
i guess you'll hear back from me tomorow with more stress or a big celebration hehe altho i seriously doubt they would accept our offer without counter offering. but i kind of expect to be turned down.

ok, enough rambling, this is waring me out
Chantal, worn out from house shopping

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

torn between dream and reality

So this morning we were anxiously waiting for the report from the inspector to go get a mortgage aproval at the bank. this is it, one of the final steps on our way to ownership. wondering why did the inspector took so long and if we were going to be able to meet the deadlines. and the relief when he walked to our door.

then he came in and sat us down. and his first question was "you guys are infatuated with this porperty aren't you?" yes, it is possible, the view is so nice and a lot of what we were looking for. then he broke it to us, and the words sank deep, "to bring this house to code, it would cost about $100 000" we had even failed to see that there wasn't an electrical outlet upstares where all the bedrooms are. they use extention cords! and about the wood heat? i guess it doesn't even make it to the 2nd floor, they have electric heat up there. the only electricals that are running in the walls up there. he also said that if we were to do any work that required a building permit, like the extention i wanted as an exemple, we'd be asked to bring the house to code and we might as well just tear down the house and build anew. that's quite a wakeup call.

I can't help but feel bad for the owners that are stuck with it. the land and view is beautiful but we need somewhere safe to get our kids to bed. so back to house hunting it is for us. blah!

I had a good laugh this evening while preparing the bath for Vivian. Owen came to see the water running. and when i got ready to get in the tub myself, he hurried like i never seen him do, to get undressed, all by himself. i was so proud of him. pulling his shirt over his head, pulling his pants down and unfastening his diaper with so little trouble. but how do you tell him that he had his bath the night before and will have his bath tomorow and this is Vivian's turn? well, i guess you don't. i took Vivian in for her bath and he was trying to climb in himself. but ended up being pulled back in the livingroom and put new diaper and a pijamas with much protest. he did not want to get into his routine at all, he was so set on getting a bath. he usualy follow bedtime routine very compliantly. Not tonight, after Vivian was clean, i told DH that he might as well have a little soak so he can calm down to go to sleep. So vivian wasn't even out yet that he was trying to climb back in, fully dressed. he got some help getting undressed and then with a little help, climbed the edge of the tub and jumped in gleefully.

so after they were in bed i went to get a boob rack and a 18l water bottle. came back with what i went for and 2 chicks. they were so cute i had to bring them home. they weren't much and they're gonna help with after school activities. I was gonna show you a picture but it won't let me upload.

Chantal, gonna be here for a while longer

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Too excited to think about a subject

This is it! we made an offer last night for the house that's been running in our mind for the past few weeks and got a call this morning. we have to call the building inspector, the offer is accepted without need for negotiation on price. although, i think we'll have some negotiation after the inspection is done, there's a lot of work to do in that house.

the closing date is very soon so we have to get ourself into top gear. it sure will help get the clutter out of this house and make it easier to show all the corners hehe
there's so much to do though, oufff, getting this house ready fast and cleaning up our new one. the current owner of our new house don't apear to be the kind keen on reno and maintenance.

my mind is racing, my heart and all, so i'll see about more updates on the events later
Chantal gonna be a contry girl

Friday, March 10, 2006

Mommy beware of new chompers

outch, yes sir
those top 2 teeth are making their way out, gnaw, gnaw gnaw, chomp! :o
i recieved a little preview of their potential this evening. hopefuly she'll be kind to me.

looking back on previous posts, i noticed that i've been talking mostly about house shopping, and i must admit it's on my mind a great deal. especialy that we're starting to get the house ready to put it on the market. there's this sense of entousiasme, exitement and doubts, all mixed into one big ball of nerves that is me right now. why? i'm trying to keep my thought rational on the whole deal, but with Owen that has developped a strong selective hearing and love to torment his 2 sisters, push and steel lill sis's toys, chasse and wagg tail of fluffy fur sister Daphne. and when he get in his mind to chase her around, he has to follow her exact path. it's difficult to keep a straight thought in this chaotic circus of laugh and tears.

to add to the mix, Vivian nurse more frequently at night since she can do so more peacefully. good for her but i'm not getting much sleep from that deal wich i wasn't asked my opinion in the first place. i would like to see her eat more solids but she refuse everything food from me aside from the booby. i've been trying more persistently for the past 3 days to give her food, but it's just one big source of frustration for both of us. My mom has no problem giving her solids though, and my husband has had somewhat more success then me, so i really don't feel like pushing this issue to battle anymore. it just ware me out and make me feel guilty.

it's been a week already since i recieved my potties. we first had asked a coupple that are in business to order them for us, thinking they'd apreciate the business. but time was going by with no news and after 2 months of waiting, we said enough is enough, they wouldn't even return our call, so on monday, i ordered the potties, from a canadian store in Ontario, and thursday they were at my door. Wow, now that's service! and really not too soon for vivian, she look so happy on her new potties.

Argh, i was gonna post some pictures but after 2nd try it just won't let me.
i better go see how Owen's doing, he wasn't sleeping last time i checked. instead, he was in his rocking chair that i just recently placed in his room. might have to take it back.

Well, maybe not, i found him curled up over his sippy in bed hehe if it work for him, i'm ok with that. and if he went to bed later, i might have a bit more time to sleep in the morning.

This evening when i was getting Owen ready for his shower, i found out Vivian mannaged to stand up by herself and was holding on to the side of the playpen. Yay Vivian, you go girl! already 9 months old tomorrow, it's had to believe time went that fast.

looks like Daphne don't want me to type, she's laying across my arms
Chantal, looking for my sanity