Thursday, January 25, 2007

Today's 3 events

some good, some bad

today, after baking some hot biscuits for a big breakfast, i decided to try the self clean on my oven. it ran for 3 hours, and just after it started and locked the door, Cindy, the worker that assist owen with ABA, told me her mother didn't take her grills out and they got dull. did i take my grills out? noooooo! so guess what, i got dull grills, yep! but my oven is clean, wow, no scrubbing and it turned a dark and crusty oven that was getting smoaky into a, well, clean one hehe.

after that, i proceded to continue washing the dining room floor, that is hard wood, worn out and although we mopped it every now and then, there's nothing like a good scrub with a brush to get all the dirt from the previous tennants. did i tell you how bad this place has been neglected? i already scrubbed the kitchen tiles, and let me tell you, it really needed it. but i didn't get enough time or energy to do the complete dinning area today. tomorrow is an other day.

then there is Owen who was very tired, and didn't make it to suppertime, he went to sleep in the play room, didn't want to go in his bed so Andy took some coutch cushions and a blanket. when he woke up, wasn't even interrested in eating, he went to bed with a feaver. Vivian didn't feel her best either, she fell asleep in my arm before supper and had her nursing before she had some supper, then rocked to sleep. it look like i might have to cancel Owen's ABA for tomorrow.

Chantal, 3's enough for today

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Bible nut

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Monday, January 22, 2007

I'm mad, mad maaaad

but im not angry, just bad, eu, no, no i mean mad, yeah! mooo!!!

make sense? no, probly not, i'm totaly drawn out, like blank, trying to set myself to acomplish the task i intend to do, but nothing get done, well, breakfast was done, but not the crock pot that was supose to be cooking till suppertime... instead it was put inthere at suppertime. i didn't make the soupe i would've like to do, instead, made a hurry up soup. then again, mister noodle might have tasted better. ah well.

a bit of day dreaming, i guess i need more sleep.

while i was working so hard accomplishing nothing, the kids were hard at work getting in trouble haha, found them grating an old avon angel shaped soap into my bedroom's heat duct. grabbed the body on the floor and asked owen to surrender the head and leave the bedroom. he would've liked me to start the ceiling fan, so i lead him to his bedroom, so he could admire that ceiling fan instead... so everything is fine right, no big deal. just a bit of soap rubbed on the grill. and some crumbs on the floor.

a little later, too much quietness again, and i go back to peak at their deeds. at the heat duct again, this time shreading paper and sticking the pieces in. oh no, no no, , that's too much thank you, this is not something we do, please leave the room, leave now, you too Vivian. oh but she did not like that, but that it please her not, it's still something we don't do, please move on. i'm not in the mood for the magical mistery heat duct.

there was something i dear son did that made me proud and i wanted to mention it but, with my space brain, i forgot. *blank look*

maybe i could tell you that a few days ago, or wee morning, daphne was making so much noise i had to go see what she was up to, and found out she was playing with a shrew, and it was still partly alive... did i already say that in a not so far away blog? i think i'm really on a loop. anyway, i got tweezers and mannaged to pick it up by the tail, showed it back to daphne and she batted it away and kept playing with it, it not moving much so i pick it up again, and figure i'd throw it in the furnace... it's a shrew, what else would you do? well, i guess i did the wrong thing, cause as i was throwing it in, it fell, yep, not in the furnace, but 1 inch short of it, and as soon as it hit the floor, it ran under the furnace *blink blink* what? it didn't run when daphne was batting it around? what happened? now i can only hope daphne will catch it again. so i guess next time, it's not gonna be fire, but water.

this evening and last. daphne has been keeping a very close eye on the side wall of the kitchen. andy had bought some live mouse trap so i thought i'd put one there just in case. should find out sooner or later if our mouse hunter is sitting there for a good reason or just wishfull.

ah yeah, owen broke his glasses... again, i supose i should call the optometrist even if i can't get the glasses in right away, at least they can order the part

i think i'm getting too lasy to keep a chain of tought so i'm gonna call it quit for tonight

Chantal in the loony days

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Keep it burning or freez like a log

Now i can seriously say that it feel more like a real winter. minus 21ยบ C last night and even colder tonight, brrr, my finger are freezing on the keyboard... no heat in the computer room.

i had closed the play room off for the night to keep the rest of the house warmer and it did that just fine. but i regretted doing it none the less... the play room's temperature was not a whole lot above freezing temperature and it took a long time to go back up, so owen had to work in a cold room in the mornin with his worker.

i try to improve the play room whenever i can so it work better for his ABA service. i had to fix one of the kid's chair, we maide some shelving on the wall to use instead of a cupboard. i make sure the little heater is in the room to keep it warm. i put back the window i had removed between the play room and the diningroom. it was too much of an occasion for Vivian to be a distraction to Owen. and now i started painting the windown so she can't peep through and clown around for owen. she can be such a commedian. the next day, i allowed them to paint on one of the unpainted window and here's the result of it

well, part of it hehe. it was funny to watch her paint from the knees, holding the paintbrush at the very tip and making big movement assisted from springs in her leggs, she looked like a little renaissance artist.

after Owen's spinning phase, he entered a tearing phase, boxes included, but some one else thought about doing someting special with a tot's love for tearing boxes. while we talk about kids and music, there's a video of a girl who recorded a song when she was 3, now, she's 17 and the video is on youtube hehe. my daughter was with me when i watched and listened to those songs and she kept asking for more cuppy cake.

i think my brain is starting to freeze, i know my feets are getting numb so i should go warm up in my bed

Chantal, one log at a time, or more, if it fit in the furnace.

Friday, January 05, 2007

New Year updates

so yeah, i welcomed the new year with my head in a bucket. what ever happened of the sneezes? i could've been ok with the sneezes. but no it HAD to get to the worst, and just on time too. ah well, it's over now. i'm still in recovery mode... 5 days later. as a wierd side effect of the flue, i get this bad case of gassiness. burp, farts and all the bloathing to go with it. anyone else experience this? i know this flue is going around in what seem to be 3 different set of symptoms. and not everybody get all of them, some get only the thingly throat. lucky me, got the whole combo.

my mother was kind enough to brave the infectiousness and help me get some rest by looking after the kids while i was totaly miserable. then she calls today and by the sound of her voice, i was very hesitant to ask how she was, cause i could already tell that the answer was "not good" so now it's her turn to get some rest. i think we're both thankfull for the timing though. alowed her to help me, drive me to my chiro's apointment and get her apointment looked after at the same time so she didnt' have to go back this morning as she would've been absolutely unable to.

on a brighter note, with the help of my good friend Nancy and her hubby, i have a new something for my blog. i didn't want to change everything, just add a little something new hehe. hope you like it.

and today we finaly put up the shelves we bought after christmas and that i was too sick to help put up on new year... in the play room to put away the kids toys. better then the cupboard we had. Vivian had found the skill to open it and they were able to scatter the toys all over the room. now its all open but too high for them to reach, yet. i'm sure eventualy one of em will have the brain to drag a chair. at least they'll only be able to reach the bottom shelf for some time. i'm a bit surprised at how much of it we were able to fill of it already though. i was expecting to have more free space then that. maybe i need to look again for toys they have outgrown.

i also love the fact that christmas was a good motivator to deal with clutter. it look so good with less messyness and stuff out of place. now it almost look acceptable for peoples to come visit us.

Chantal updated for the New Year