Tuesday, September 19, 2006

So, i was told i should blog

*yawn* if i can stay awake that long. i'm so tired. feeling like i'm catching some cold, but so far it hasn't bloomed. my dear daughter on the other hand really got it, bad enough that i had to drive her to the hospital at midnight with 103 degree farenheight and a cough that was chocking her. i was affraid to drive as i was quite sleepy already and i didn't think driving 30 minute in that state would be safe, but i made it. at the hospital they called it a croupe... aparently it's worst the first day. they gave her a medication that was suposed to last 3 days and that's about how long the virus runs for.

they said that i could go home but if it happened again, i'd have to drive back and they'd give her something stronger. but i said, drive back? i'm not even sure i can return home in the state i'm in, i'm soo tired, especialy after 2 hour wait and what if she choak while i'm driving? so he said, it's very simple, since we live a considerable distance they could admit her for the night. so we did... only we got our room at 4:30 am!!! not much of a night left! i might have slept 2 hours at the most. i guess it's better then nothing and the daylight was a bonus to keep me awake on my way back.

I requested for my mom in law to come help some that day, since me and my husband were both so painfully tired that day... he was on his swing shift, suposed to stay up as late as possible and sleep part of the day but had to get up early with our son who had a full night of sleep. so she came and it was really nice to be able to get 1 hour nap.

Owen's hand is healing nicely, he didn't ware any bandage for the first time today.

don't know what else to say, i shoud go to bed, i've just been requested to talk about my healthy lifestyle hehe. well, i try to eat organic, at least for animal product. i don't eat meat at restorents. and well, while i was stuck at the hospital for a big part of the night i got hungry, so i went to check what they had at the cantine... all i could find that was semi acceptable was a whole wheat tuna sandwich...ironicaly, i rarely eat tuna but i had already eaten a can of tuna that day :| ah well, it was better then starving, especialy with a sick kid that just want to nurse for the most part since she's not feeling too well. i also bought a can of V8 and a snack pack of honey roasted peanuts. that's the best i could find at the time. but righ now, the best i can do healthwise, is go to bed. sleep is very important too and i've been neglecting it for quite some time. so i guess it will be my point of focus for the next while... getting in a good sleep routine.

night night, sleep tight

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Like the change?

I think i do, let me know what you think...

the change wasn't motivated by an urge for something different, just looked like my template was messed up, and then after i made the switch, it was still messed up and then i realised that some image was taking too much space and was the cause of all the missalignement... all fixed, will keep the change for now. i might get nostalgic at some time... or just grow into my new look... when i asked Nancy if i should go for a change, she said, that change was good, like a new haircut and it's free! hehe, so why not? i could also need a new hair cut... seriously. i haven't had my hair cut since some time before vivian was born! over a year ago... when i decided to let them grow a bit. they aren't all that long but they could use a trip to even them out... altho i was somewhat surprised to find no split ends.

now i should go and make fire before i go to bed... gonna be an other cold night
Chantal, working on my firecraft

Monday, September 11, 2006

Insert title here

Now that the kids are done pooping, i'm all pooped. it was a long day today, spent just me and my dear son in town. first for a visit to the spychiatrist, she'll be doing some evaluation on his behavior. after lunch, we go see the ortophonist. it's amazing what change learning to say yes and i want can do to a kid. and after that, was time for an other change of bandage.

I just assume that i have 2 blog readers and my dear husband who drops in every now and then, and all already know what happened to my little Gizoux. if, by any chance, i had any other readers, on labour day weekend, at a family cornboil, he fell in the ashes of a firepit that was not outlined by rocks and was pretty much flat to the ground. no one suspected it was still hot. but his hand found intense heat and burned pretty badly in the short time it took him to get back up and scream his lungs out. it looked so bad, i screamed too when i saw it. my mom had to snap me out of it... good thing also that we now have a nurse in the family. was the longest 30 minutes i can remember, driving to the hospital.

now he's getting his bandage changed every day. it's been over a week and starting to heal. it look much better now that a skin is forming. it would be amazing if there are no visible scarring after all is said. but at such a young age, he seem to have very good healing capabilities. already i find it amazing how it improved in such a short time.

so we spent all day in town, just the 2 of us, it was geting around suppertime and i just wanted to be home as soon as possible. we needed orange juice and diapers, so i stopped at superstore, picked a few clearance items on the way in hehe and through it all, i also had the pleasure to say hi to Nancy. wish i could've chatted longer. it was just one of those long days and i needed to get home quickly. i was expecting the same joy from my son as we were getting near home. i assured him. we're almost home... "no!... don't want to go home!" what? "not home!" but dear, where are we to go? "don't want home" :| i never thought i'd hear him say something like that so young. i guess he really enjoyed the one on one with mommy. we so seldome have that previlege. i guess one on one with dad is really nice but it don't replace quality time with mom at times too. at home it's so hard to do one on one with the demand of 2 kids. what would it be like with 3? or more? i have a hard time imagining it at this point. I still look forward to a 3rd kid when the time come, hopefuly in no less then 2 years.

i was also expecting my one year old daughter to want to nurse like there was no tomorrow when i get home, but again, was surprised. she only sipped a bit and returned to her occupation. and again at bedtime, she did with amazingly little and even walked on her own to the bedroom. what's going on? one day out of the usual makes for a big difference. I think i like it and would like to plan more, our of the usual days. but before then, my mom will be gone for a week and i'm not gonna be able to enjoy the usual help i get from her. so it will be a challenge to gove more one on one until she come back.

just one question totaly on a different subject before i go to bed... anyone seen the new bloger beta? and know anything about it?

sorry for the lenghty post that drags on. maybe if there were more readers, i'd feel more compelled to try and up the quality. that doesnt' mean i don't apreciate my 2 faithfull readers. otherwise, i wouldn't post at all...even if most of the time, you already know everyting i'm posting :p

Good night, sweet dreams, i'm late again, i'm late, i'm late, i'm late....