Friday, January 04, 2008

I'm still alive

despite the fact i haven't bloged since sometime last year, i'm still here. either not much to say or too much procrastination. maybe a mix of both is to blame for the lack of updates.

my computer also been used a lot more for passive entertainment lately. i've officialy became a big fan of The Biggest Loser and the kids have been requesting to view Ratatouille many many times. so much so that now i have this obsession with finding stuff i can cook all sliced up. or just trying to be more creative with what i cook or how i present it. here are my last 2 exemples

i found out that the combination of potato, sweet potato and onion taste fantastic. almost look like cheddar cheese too.

my pre Christmas hunch came back to bite me in the rear end. i was looking at the little tyke's digital camera and was thinking it would be a nice gift for Owen, but in the end, we didn't get it. about a day after Chistmas, he started to say that my camera was his and that he wanted to take pictures with it. and he's been insisting ever since that he wants to take pictures and that i give him HIS(my) camera at once! i've tried to make him understand that if he stop having tantrums about it, we will consider it for his birthday. i'm thinking it will be a long 8 months for us all and i might just break down to surprise him earlier, earlier. i'm still thinking he should wait a few months and keep an eye for a sale. now, the only other question about this whole camera deal is, should we buy one for Vivian also?

speaking of camera, mine decided to be fussy on Christmas day, and we came close to not have any captured memories of that day. not that it was a very extravagant reception. it was just our little family and my mother. very quiet day in perspective. my mother also had her camera but it decided to take a power fuss at the same time as ours. it's a relief that it finally accepted to function so we could have a family picture after probably 2 years where there were some kids pics and some of us but not all in the same frame.

after 3 snow storms in 5 days, we are hoping to have a rest from shoveling. i'm not sure the windows in the bathroom will take an more. it was making some sound that had me scared it could break at any moments. yesterday was fairly mild and before supper, Andy was breaking off icecicles from under the glass roof of the sunroom, with a hammer and after clearing up enough of it, water started drainning. he wasn't able to give the same treatment to the bathroom section and it's probably all that water freezing again that was working the structure so much last night. it's now 20 below zero degree Celcius. (-4 degree F) and i'm some glad we finaly replaced the insulation that was removed last summer. we had a hard time maintaining acceptable temperature at minus 10-15 degree C (+5-14 F) and in the process burned a lot of wood. by the look of it, we won't have enough to last till the warmer days. we had ordered twice the amount of wood we ordered the year before, but we got a fair bit of crooked logs and hollow ones too. once cut, it almost look like we got just as much as the year before. that is not good. we will probably look into finding an other supplier for next year. hopefully one day we'll be able to pull the wood from our own land, but as long as all we have to transport the wood is a wheelbarrow, it's not a realistic option.

that's about all i can think for now. I don't have a new year's resolution list, it's just business as usual


.................Nancy said...

Oh my gosh, that looks soooo good! What is the first one ? I love the way you put the onions on the plate, it looks like a salad flower hehe. We used to have those exact same white and blue plates at my parents growing up! hehe. I hadn't realized that you hadn't blogged since October! Wow it was about time girl!! :)

Anygma said...

it's just ground beef with some seasoning, chopped onion, carrot sliced with the peeler, shopped cucumber and brocoli mixed with some already made rice, on a bed of the organic baby letuce leaf mix from superstore, mixed tossed with some dressing added slice of cucumber and onion before to add the rice mix. and the plate, are also the ones i grew up with, they just kept following me around hehe. i think i'll need to find some haute cuisine show to watch... it help to inspire and adds to the routine