Friday, April 25, 2008

The dog days

so monday, i decided to check the SPCA listing before i went to bed, just for a kick... yeah i know it's been a long time since i blogged and i'm just being lazy, don't really feel like there's much interresting to talk about most of the time. anyway, so i checked the listing, and there was this nice dog, named Misty... she's been there for 9 months, her pups are all gone but there she is, and look like a very sweet companion. the next day, i decide to check back on her, thinking, she's not in any danger to me fast as she's already been there so long right? wrong!!! she's gone before i even get my act together. so i look around on petfinder, to see a wider area of pet shelters. then i see Lexi, her description is making me melt. the sweetest dog, she's good with peoples and all kinds of animals too, loves children, what more can i ask? gotta move quick this time, so i email the shelter and inquire about how i can make her part of our home... they send the form, i fill it and send i back. the lady who answered me told me to call the day before to make sure she was still there and she'd hold her for me for the 24 hours, so i can go get her. when i call... there's someone looking her up and can't decide between her and Benny.... they couldn't hold her until they picked Benny. so i had to call later, only to find out, they picked Lexi.

like, what's going on? it's like it only take me looking at a dog for him/her to get adopted. but in the end, i leave it all up to God... it must all happen for a reason. If it's the right one, He'll make it possible. until then, i figure i'm going to keep a close eye on the listings because it could take quite a while to find an other one that seems suitable for our family... that same day, my best friend/msn buddy Nancy, message me, that there's a message on her intranet for a dog to give away!!! FREE!!!!!! almost too good to be true.

i still have some issues i'm worried about until i see the dog, but i know since it's a private adoption, she wont give him away on us. sounds like a good dog, although he hasn't had much contact with young kids. but he's young too, so he has plenty of time to learn. and not sure how he'll handle our 2 cats. at the SPCA the staff is used to see lots of dogs and they have a chance to do a descent personality assessment. a pet owner only know so much because they've only seen their dog in certain settings. i'm hopeful we'll bring him home, but i'm still holding back to the fact there might be some traits that we can't tolerate in our home at this stage.

What about Owen, he's excited and look forward to see the dog. wasn't sure if i'd see that day since at one point he was scared of them. he's looking forward to play catch and have a friend to play with.

I think even my mother in law is excited about it... she called me yesterday and want to follow us and bring the dog back to our place for us hehe

I know it's gonna be verry interresting and hectic for a while. our first cat, Daphne is absolutely not fond of having to share her turf. it took her a solid month to accept Misty, when whe adopted her last september. and funny thing is, when i went to pick up Misty, the rep at the SPCA asked me, "the cat or the dog" just to show that Misty the dog, that i firt thought about monday, would've been there for us then. but our Mistywas there for quite some time too, she was bored there, fed poor quality food, no room to play. she got fat, and no matter how good of a diet we gave her, with calculated portions, her weight didnt' budge, but i think it's starting to change, as she's taking a liking to the outdoors. i saw her twice springing up and down a tree at full speed, like wow. once you hit healthy weight, you're gonna be murder on those poor birds. so i'll have to get her a collar to attach a bell on it. i want to keep the birds, i even want to put more bird houses, so we can have more bug eating birds, there's so much mosquitoes on our soggy part of the woods.

I also feel that there's a chance Misty might eventualy try cuddling wih our new dog. she seems that kind of cat. if it's that kind of dog we end up with hehe Daphne? don't even think about it, we'll be happy when she learn to tolerate. might take all summer.

should make for a bit more action to talk about. and the fun of trying to find beaches where we can bring our dog too.

will post pics once everything is official