Friday, April 25, 2008

Updates on the kids

i'm proud to say that at the end of march, Vivian finaly had to do away with diappers. i knew she was able, but she didn't feel the urge to do without them. until, she became severely sensitive to them. the whole part of her that was in contact with a diapper became very red and hot. there's no other option. and she's doing very good without them for the most part. a few days ago, almost a month without diapper, she had an accident or 2. we're just not sure why. but other then that, it's great to be out of diappers!!!!

tonight the kid went to bed with little pianos, and i asked owen if he'd like a bigger one, and maybe even some piano lessons, and he was affirmative. i think it would do him some good. he also loves to sing, and i cought him trying to play on the old beat up guitare and sing this afternoon. after all, musicians run in the family. but buying just one will be tricky piano will be tricky.

an other thing Owen make sure i don't forget. he's getting a camera for his birthday hehe

i hope little tikes cameras come on sales before then. because i'll have no doubts to buy 2 of them. will be interresting to see what they come up with.

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