Monday, September 24, 2007

The New Cat in the House

Already 4 days since Misty arrived from the SPCA and we're very happy to have her. our first impression had made her our first choice and it look like we did good in listening to our gut feeling. she is gentle, playful, calm, affectionate. i still think she's not overdominating so that Daphne will not fell she's gonna loser her title of first cat of the house. and her play style is the one i think will lead to a good mouser. that was a lot of trait we had in mind considering the whole family and our needs and the new cat's wellbeing as a new member of our family.

i'm still amazed how we could find all of it in one single cat. Now we have to be patient and hope Daphne will adjust. for normal cats, it can take up to 2 weeks before they can interact together in a civil manner. let's hope Daphne is normal hehe

i'm some glad i found these video tips for cats.

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Wow the cat looks so lovely and adorable. I see happiness on her eyes. I think the cat is so glad for her stay on her new home.