Monday, September 10, 2007

Bread Machine is History

a while back, i don't remember if i blogged about this, but i got myself a bread machine that had a gluten free cycle. since that's what we need to eat and we save over $1 a loaf if i make it myself (it tastes better too).

for many weeks it did make good breads and i got in a groove of mesuring several loafs at once so on lazy days, i only need to dump a bag and the wet ingredients together and it goes fast. the machine does most of the job and i only need to make 2 quick check up on it.

the last 3 loafs turned out differently, they were not as dark... the last one, i even felt it needed to have an extra 10 minutes added at the end and still i think it wasn't quite well baked. so my guess is that the convection fan gave up

so i dug for my receit, get my info together to figure out what course of action i would take. and it just happened that there was about 7 days left to the store's exchange/refund policy... i figured i'd exchange it for a new one... would be quicker then sending it to the repair shop. but there was none in stock. they gave me my money back. and that's not that bad either, because if i decide to get an other one... i'll have a new warranty to go with it. i can't complain with that hehe

the only thing is now, i got to get used to do it the old fashion way... in the oven. we'll see what catastrophe i mannage to wip up this time hehe

then again, if it turns out well enough, i might just save the counter space and forget about the machine. get a few bigger bread pans and use the rest of the money for something else

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